Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

Pedal Power 2, AC Adapters for Pedal from Voodoo Lab in the Pedal Power series.

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ericthegreat's review"good price"

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
The Voodoo Lap Power Pedal 2 power supply is designed for use with effects pedals and will work with just about any pedal that requires nine volts of power.  I've never been in a situation where it didn't work for a pedal that I was trying to use and I've used it with Boss, Ibanez, and a number of other brands of pedals.  I would double check to make sure that your pedal will be compatible with this power supply, but it should work with any pedal that needs nine volts of power.  I have also used this in tandem with the daisy chain and it does a great job as I don't get any extraneous noise coming from the power supply as I often do with other power supplies.  It is also great that this isn't a huge wall wart power supply as it easily fits on a power strip without covering up other inputs.  Another good thing about the Voodoo Lap Power Pedal 2 is that the chord is extremely long and will reach quite far.  With other power supplies I found myself not being able to reach and having to move my pedals, which can be a major hassle while trying to set up quickly on stage.  Beyond these nice features, this is a simple power supply and will definitely do the job that it advertises to do.  The price of the Voodoo Lap Power Pedal 2 is about the same price as a Boss power supply, but is will only take up a single spot on your power source and in my opinion just feels a lot sturdier than other power supplies that I have used in the past.  If you have a bunch of pedals that require nine volt power I would definitely recommend picking up the Voodoo Lap Power Pedal 2 and the daisy chain as it is probably the best option out there in terms of powering your standard size power supplies.

ibanez4life SZ!04/08/2011

ibanez4life SZ!'s review"A must for powering pedals in a rig! "

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
I’ve always considered this unit as one of the stealth parts of my setup- simple, no one knows it is there, but it performs a very, VERY important function.

-8 powered taps
-2 high powered taps
-2 taps with ‘sag’ feature, allowing a pedal to perform as if it were running on a low power battery
-additional outlet on the back to power a pedal that requires a ‘unique’ wall wart or power supply
-includes standard power cables, and numerous other cables to power via battery connection, line 6 pedals, Electro-Harmonix pedals, etc.

The unit is VERY easy to use, and puts out enough power to power just about anything, or even multiple pedals per tap if the mA draw is not too much. Most importantly for a guitar rig, each tap is isolated, making sure that powering pedals in your rig DOES NOT add any noise via ground loops or other interference. Other, lower priced units can add a lot of noise when power pedals in multiple positions in a rig. The Voodoo Lab is also a very reliable product. I have seen other units fail when powering many pedals, while this unit has been running for years without the slightest hiccup.

Finally, Voodoo Lab is very helpful in supplying any additional cables your pedal may require to interface with your pedals. For example, my EH Deluxe Memory man required 18V of power. After 5 minutes on the phone, VL had a cable in the mail for me that combined two power taps to provide 18V to the pedal. I’m sure if you have any specific needs, and the unit is capable of it, Voodoo will be happy to provide you a cable for it!

LordRiffenstein's review"The standard, must have!"

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
For years, people were powering their pedals and pedalboards with batteries or an adaptor and daisy chains. This can cause all sorts of issues. You need a quality power supply for your board/pedals and the Voodoo Lab is pretty much the standard. What's important is the fact that the outputs are isolated, so you will never get buzz/hum from having different polarity pedals etc. It also allows you to combine ouputs to get either a higher voltage (18v) or more power (more mAs) if you need that. Furthermore, there are 2 outputs that have little dipswitches on the bottom that will get you more options. These also have a sag-control. This allows you to mimic a dying battery. This might sound as voodoo but some pedals sound vastly different if a battery is no longer putting out the full 9v. The sag-control lets you set this and trust me, it works flawelessly. With the dip-switches, you can also set these 2 outputs for 12v, some Boss pedals need that.

I’ve been using my pedal power for a long time and never had an issue with it, it’s still going strong. I’m not using it on a board at the moment but keep it at home for quick pedal testing etc. I have output #8 set up with the sag control and that works nicely with fuzz pedals, you really should give it a try and see if you notice a difference. It’s not as obvious with every pedal but fuzz-pedals in particular can benefit from this.

Like all Voodoo Lab products, build quality is spot on. It comes with a number of cables and you can order more from Voodoo Lab. It even has a 220v output so you can plug another adaptor into it if you need a special power. It only does 9v or 12v DC which is fine for most pedals, if you need 9v AC or other outputs, Voodoo Lab now has a bunch of other power units.

songboy's review

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
I have been using this unit for 6 months. The first thing thats great about this unit is the compatibility options. this thing can supply 9v/12v boss (aca) pedals, 9v high current Line 6 pedals, a sag control option and 18v/24v pedals with custom cables that are sold seperately (unfortunately). I love that you also get a 3-prong outlet on the back. I have a diamond halo chorus pedal that has a funky power supply option so the 3-prong outlet was perfect for plugging that in. All these options make this an ideal power supply for beginners (most boss pedals and line 6 pedals are beginner pedals in my opinion, they just aren't as amazing as some of the higher end pedals) and pedal conniseures alike. I guess what I liked least about it was how short the power cables that came with it are. I am a guitarist but also a piano player (Rhodes) so I sometimes have some pedals on the floor and some on top of my piano. If all your pedals are not within a 1 1/2 feet, you will have the same problem. I have furman rackmounted power conditioners, but this is the first one I have had just for guitar pedals. I actually got mine used for $100, but I would have paid the full price. I have over $2000 worth of effects pedals so its worth knowing they are protected and the power is correctly supplied. There are a few other things I should add. The SAG feature (supplies low voltage so it simulates low battery) seems a little strange. I have yet to use it and have not needed to use the last two jacks yet but according to the manual, you can select exactly what voltage your pedal is recieving, so.... that means that all the power jacks can be 9V. I only write this because I almost didn't get the pedal power 2 because I thought the SAG feature was unchangeable. All in all, its a great device for people who are serious about there effects, I would definitely buy it again!

Lonewolf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2
It's been a good week now that my effects are powered by the magic boiboite (sooo tell the j'te!), Simply gnial verdict, no more noise, hiss and other dsagrables Buzzz of all kinds

Previously I used the small clbres Switchmode adapters, which are devilishly effective if they make more than three hands when their effects are affected (not on my pedals 7 Pedalboard it must be 9v power in, and I finally found myself with a nasty hiss which became unbearable when j'enclenchais the gain of my amp, now it's over it all

My 7 9v effects are all connected the same power supply. and none stumbles, over two hours APRS branch Voodoo barely heated

In terms of the spcificits bte, there are 8 cards in faade format Barrel (like Boss pedals what), two (7 and 8) are teams of small knob to simulate battery use (try with a good old analog overdrive or fuzz it's fun), the back was a female plug type IEC (such as the power supply. your PC) to connect the power supply. sector and deuxime mle to connect another power supply., a pdalier noon ... And finally below 8 small switches that can switch the output voltage of 12.3v.
Cables are supplied with 6 barrel (for Boss effects with plug type), a reverse (red for Line 6 among others), a 3.5 jack (for EHX, ProCo, ...) and a battery clip ( 9 V battery for the effects of an unfilled sheet alim.) In short, they could provide a little more how it is the one that has 3 or 4 or 8 EHX Boss?

Compared competition ... What competition? the Furmann is overpriced and Dunlop gadget is a cot in short, not 10 because of missing Cables, but a good many MRIT 9 for 200 Euros Necessary for qq and adopt the machine