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Fender Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars user reviews

  • Fender GDC-100SCE

    Fender GDC-100SCE - "Average"


    I'm a strummer/picker. I got this guitar even though I'm not a fan of acoustic cutaways because the bottom end projection was excellent. Strings fade fast then the guitar is somewhat just dead with poor sound qualities. I have other guitars that s…

  • Fender Artist Design Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic

    Fender Artist Design Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic - "Songwriter on a budget axe."


    Specifications: Made in China Model Name: Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic Series: Artist Design Body Shape: Concert Body Back: Laminated Mahogany Back Body Sides: Laminated Mahogany Sides Body Top: Solid Mahogany Body Finish: 0968300021 S…

  • Fender T-Bucket 200CE [2011-2012]

    Fender T-Bucket 200CE [2011-2012] - "A great Fender acoustic!"


    General Model Name: T-Bucket™ 200 CE Series: Hot Rod Design Acoustics Color / MSRP* / Part # : Transparent Black 096-8052-006 Body Body: Laminated Mahogany Back and Sides, Laminated Flame Maple Top Body Shape: Folk Body Back: Laminated…

  • Fender CD-60CE [2011-2016]

    Fender CD-60CE [2011-2016] - "A great Electric-Acoustic for those who mostly play Electric Guitar"


    To start off this review, I want to say that 95% of what I play is on Electric guitar. But I took a couple of guitar classes that required an acoustic guitar, so I went shopping for one. I settled on this particular one for reasons that I'll explai…

  • Fender Kingman SCE [2012-2014]

    Fender Kingman SCE [2012-2014] - "Fender Kingman SCE"


    This is the ultra hip new acoustic bass put out by Fender. Right off the bat you'll do a double take. It looks like they just slapped a Fender electric bass neck on an acoustic body. Well that's mostly what they did! A very similar neck offers …

  • Fender CD-60CE [2011-2016]

    Fender CD-60CE [2011-2016] - "Fender CD60CE"


    This is Fender's middle of the road acoustic. Mahogany back and sides, nato neck and a spruce top. I'm not positive if the back and sides are real wood, but for under $300 with a case, I'm not going to worry too much. Another thing to oh and ah …

  • Fender GA-45SCE

    Fender GA-45SCE - "Fender GA45SCE"


    I just starting playing, less than 3 years. Many of my friends play. I come from a very musical town in New Brunswick, Canada, where playing and singing is the norm. I own a GA45sce Fender, a Epitphone by gibson and a Art & Luthier. This is a tough …

  • Fender GA-43SCE

    Fender GA-43SCE - "Fender GA-43SCE"


    I bought this guitar at my local music store for $550 or so (maybe $515 can't remember.) Bought it 2 years ago becuase I had an electric and really wanted an acoustic. Where can I begin? The sound is excellent. Perfect. Not overly bright like most a…

  • Fender DG-10CE

    Fender DG-10CE - "Fender DG-10CE"


    I get it from samash for 229$ the shiping was free, in other stores was around 269 don't including the shiping, ans in guitar center they told me they can get for me for 300$ IS smoth, great sound, i really love my guitar, i thoght that was a bad id…

  • Fender GA-43SCE

    Fender GA-43SCE - "Fender GA-43SCE"


    I bought this guitar from Russo's Music in Omaha. I am in this place everyday and play the Taylor's and Gibson's all the time and to this day I haven't found a guitar that comes close to the sound I get from this beauty. I love this guitar and am d…