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  • Fender Villager 12 String [2010-2011]

    Fender Villager 12 String [2010-2011] - "Fender Villager 12 String"


    Fender originally made this model back in the 70s, you'll notice the retro headstock is similar to that of the Fender XII solidbody electric. Well like all hideous things from the 70s, this guitars back too! This came in my local music shop and for…

  • Fender DG-16E-12

    Fender DG-16E-12 - moosers's review


    The Fender DG16E-12 is an affordable 12 string acoustic/electric guitar. I believe that this is guitar was made in Mexico, although it is discontinued and is no longer being made. It has a Fender Piezo pick up in it, which is pretty cool that it ha…

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  • Fender JG-12CE-12

    Fender JG-12CE-12 - mca's review


    Guitar made in china Thin neck for a 12 string Fischman preamp 4 UTILIZATION Channel super nice Super light, as someone who suffers from back top Access to acute correct Its especially nice open tuning, first I give in Resus 4, now I g…

  • Fender JG-12CE-12

    Fender JG-12CE-12 - alex_le_normand's review


    Guitar made in china, and unfortunately on mine it shows slightly: no default key, but the minis (see micro) details: a small reflection different place, round head with a slight scratch. APRs may be this is my MODEL, command over the net and unverif…

  • Fender DG-16E-12

    Fender DG-16E-12 - bibiStardust's review


    - In what country does she makes? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...) In Core - How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? 20 cargo micro Fender H-330, volume + bass, mid, treble. - What type of race? Large,…