Behringer Truth B2031A
Behringer Truth B2031A

Truth B2031A, Active Monitor from Behringer in the Truth series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 61 reviews )
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 16 reviews26 %
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Mattfig's review"Nice monitors for the $$$"

Behringer Truth B2031A
Thee actie speakers sound terrific and offer a lot of user control...

1. Built-in 265-Watt power amp with enormous power reserve
2. Long-throw 8 3/4" woofer with special polypropylene diaphragm and deformation-resistant aluminum die-cast chassis Ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz with individual frequency diagrams
3. Ultra-high resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
4. Controlled dispersion characteristics and extremely large “sweet spot” owing to the unique BEHRINGER wave guide technology Active crossover network with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
5. Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions and subwoofer operation
6. Separately controlled limiter for low and high frequency overload protection
7. Automatic standby mode (defeatable)
8. Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors
9. Delivered as “matched pairs” with individual frequency diagrams
10. Servo-balanced inputs with XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
11. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
12. Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
13. Ultra-linear frequency range from 60 Hz to 23 kHz
14. High power handling capability (100 W / IEC268-5) produces full-range output with extremely low distortion
15. Phase-optimized and high-precision crossover for absolute phase linearity
16. Auto overload protection prevents tweeter damage and resets automatically
17. Powerful 5 1⁄2" woofer with extremely light-weight cellulose cone and high-resolution 1⁄2" tweeter
18. Solid protective grille and exceptionally rugged construction for long life and durability
19. Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany


Works as a nice stereo pair for my setup...I use it as near fields for home recording...They are accurate and sound terrific...Anyone who discounts these because of the name on them deserves to miss the boat...These are awesome for the price...

They have some VERY useful room adjustments on the back for highs, mids, and lows...Super easy to dial them into your setup...And believe me, once properly adjusted - they simply rule...

The entire spectrum is well balanced...The 5.5 throws out more bass than I expected...It is a great reference speaker- or pair depending on you...

The sound is exactly what you put in...If you do bass-heavy music, you probably want to add a sub...But if you just want the rock thump of a kick drum- you are covered with the 2031A...


I like the fact that you can adjust them to your room...Very nice feature....The power is clean and clear....The speakers can handle a lot of sound and stay faithful to the truth, hence the name.... :)

For the moolah, you won't find better...For twice as much you might...

WOuld totally buy again if and when I open the B Room...

Overall a terrific product...Great features, great sound...Great manual....

They are a tad heavy but hey, they are active...

And, since no one else has done this yet...


theaudioandvideoguy's review"solid sound"

Behringer Truth B2031A
When using the Behringer Truth Series monitors they will give you a very clean sound. The low end of these monitors provide a very solid and full bass/low end. Not need to do a lot a re mixing with them either because how ever it sounds coming out of the Behringer Truth Series is pretty much how its going to sound on universal systems and monitors. I really don’t have anything negative to say about the Behringer Truth Series Monitors. The price of these are very affordable, you cannot beat the quality and price.


Sounds are great, they even have cut offs for the bass and treble so you can get it to be just right with our surrounding environment. But as with most monitors you always want to keep them at ear level and create space between the monitors and whatever they are sitting on and keep your room treated with some good pads that you can buy a box of them for about 60 dollars that will take care of most of your room space, or at least the crucial parts.


Overall, you wont beat the price of these. You can probably pay double than what you could pay for these and not get a better quality. Your monitors are very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t just go out and spend a bunch of money on monitors because they are loud and have a lot of bass. Monitors should be confused with listening speakers. Your listening speakers should be loud and bassy and really get you in the middle of the music. But your monitors for mastering and mixing down your projects should very accurate with good hi’s lo’s and a solid mid range. Don’t ever look that when shopping for monitors. The Behringer Truth series monitors will take care of you.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Behringer Truth B2031A
For the money ($300 USD) these have everything you need, the bass and treble cutoffs can be set to sound good in almost any studio environment, and i love the auto shutoff option no more on /off when you leave the studio, these shut themselves off, and then when a sound is played the automatically come back on. with the amp on the back they weigh a bit and if you pump em with out isolation they WILL rattle yourwhole spot i put AURALEX monitor isolators underneath mine

Price paid

$300 USD


The sound quality of the behringer is very solid the bottom end is thick even at high volumes,the highs are a bit crispy sometimes, but this can be compensated for by the crossover switches on the back of the monitors. there is a superb wide sweet spot when your directly in front of the monitors (mine are about 4 to 5 feet in front of me depending on where im sitting). i really couldnt find a weak point in these monitors i have 2 pair both are crossed over differently, so i can hear every little blip pop or thud , i give them overall a 9 would be perfect with a tighter bass response and a bit more power handling capability but for a studio on a budget these cant be beat.


The useability ...a caveman could use em =) they come with 1/4" sound cables and power cords..basically there plug and play ( i would recommend setting the cutoffs to your set up for maximun sound quality )

i have pumped these into oblivion playd em til the limit light was glowing red (just to see ) and they sustained beautifull i control mine with a tascam US-428, these monitors are straight hard if you blow em your just a destructive ass or deaf..or both .. i have yet to have one problem out of either set of mine!

after having a set of edirol's near field monitors that were passive to go to these was a real joy. i fell in love with mine the moment i heard a hard bass drop from one of my mixes, they sound great, there reliable, and there affordable .. nuff said

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Posted by: SInister_Keys ( 6-, 2005)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Behringer Truth B2031A
Like i said lots of cut offs (high mid, low) also sub and tweeter mute plus volume levels/ lots of punchy sound and bass to keep your body feelin it. oh an there powered gotta love that.

Price paid: $330.00 USD


Ok i've had em for a bit now and i have to say FOR THE MONEY the sound is great . large true bass, treble not to harsh.... lots of control via the cutoff's and level knob. i had em pushing some boom bap beats really hard last night and noticed very little artifacts in the sound. my mixes have been much more acurate since getting these.. wich is honestly the whole point right? again for the moneyi would say they prolly won't be beat.... big and i mean big sound. so if you like to get ruckous in your studio i say there great.


There speakers if you can't use that then get out the game beotch lol..... just plug an play (maybe flick a few cut offs.

they sit on my shelf..... been holding up to my beats so i say good. plus the cabinets feel really sturdy.

honestly i've done a few songs start to finish on them now and they have made my mixes one time mixes acurate! so thats all i can say ok. and i love the trueness of the bass.

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Posted by: flux302 ( 6-, 2005)

afterglow479's review

Behringer Truth B2031A
I do not own these speakers, but I have mixed on them before. My friend's home studio is equipped with a pair of these budget active monitors as his main reference pair. While they do sound better than your average pair of computer speakers, the sound quality is really not very good. I mixed on them for one day before deciding it was worth it to pack up a pair of my own monitors and bring them over rather than having to use this pair. No amp needed since these are active - the amp is inside.


The response curve is not very neutral. It sounds to me like there is a big spike around 4 and 5k, and the of course the low bass is not well represented. I am pretty sure that somehow I was getting a delay in one of the speakers of maybe 1 or 2ms, something that was just enough to mess up and tilt the stereo image. That makes me think that these monitors are pretty poorly crafted. So there you have hyped mids, weak bass, and a smeared image. This pair really doesn't do well in the sounds category. The dynamics are hard to judge because of the bit of smearing that goes on, so I guess I'd have to go with they are lousy.


I used these for many hours of mixing, and hope to never have to again. I really felt like I couldn't accurately judge what I was listening to. Obviously a good point on these speakers is the very low cost. These are some of the cheapest "studio monitors" you can get. However you definitely don't get a lot of quality for your money. I would really recommend to anyone going for their first pair of monitors to maybe get a pair of the KRK RP5's or something as a cheap alternative. Those don't sound that great either, but they're a lot better than these. I wouldn't recommend these.
MGR/Craig Durham / Tangent Mobile Recording01/24/2006

MGR/Craig Durham / Tangent Mobile Recording's review"Behringer Truth B2031A Studio Monitor"

Behringer Truth B2031A
I have been around music most of my life. I started playing bass in bands in the mid 70's cuz all my friends wanted to be Hendrix! I later took up electric & acoustic guitar & keyboards.I have quite the guitar & bass collection! My musical interests have always centered around the more progressive and powerful bands like the aforementioned Jimi,Yes,Deep Purple,ELP,Sabbath,Blue Oyster Cult,Rush and the like. Newer groups like Coheed & Cambria are exciting.In recent years I have been very involved in recording my own solo material as well as other local bands & musicians. I have a fairly decent mobile recording venture which to me is a total blast! Lots of fun!

I had been looking for a good but fairly inexpensive pair of active studio monitors - ones that i wouldnt mind taking on location for a recording & mix session. Of all the powered monitors in this price range (I paid $280 for the pair off ebay-sorry MF!),these had the most power (150w to the woofer & 75w to the tweeter)they also had larger woofers (8.75") than most in this price range. They are absolutely worth more than the $340 MF has them listed as!

I really like the flat,neutral response these monitors provide. They also have EQ adjustments on the back to compensate for different rooms or locations. I generally leave these at their normal settings. The power output is very smooth with lots of headroom. The power switch is located on the top of each cabinet, which is easy to reach. The monitors accept both XLR & 1/4" jacks that are angled down to alow them to be placed up against a wall if needed. The actual size of these are just right for a smaller studio space or (in my case,taking them out on location). A red peak led lights up when pushing them too far. I purposefully cranked them up to that level breifly just to hear how loud they could get! they have more than enough power for my needs on location or in the studio.

There is nothing I dislike about them. These monitors would be perfect if they had a protective grille over the woofers. I have to be careful when transporting them. Then again, these units are not really designed to go out of the studio!

The construction is very solid in every way. Very good thought & workmanship went into the design of these monitors.

I did a lot of shopping around & read a lot of reviews of several comparable brands before choosing this pair of monitors. They are the best value in its class & price range(anyone could spend hundreds more on the better known "name brands" - but why?)

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Jmd prod12/06/2014

Jmd prod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well ... once properly set"

Behringer Truth B2031A
For what purpose and in what context do you use this product? For how long?
Use to mix and mastering, since more than 6 years.

Have you tried other competing products before buying it?
Yes, M-Audio (ref forgotten by now) that apparently sounded good but had a significant lack in the bottom - the compensation performed at the qual. rendered inaudible mix on other systems.

The B2031 does not have this problem and allow to obtain true mix ... once you set them correctly.

Yeah, we do not talk much, but walk around and admire the beast back panel to get good sound, we have to address all of these switches.
And no, the perfect sound does not come out as if by magic as soon as the branch, welcome to the real world, sorry ... Care Bears

In my case, after several years of use, I have adopted the following settings:
Low Frequency: 0 dB
Room Compensation: 0 dB
High Frequency - 4 dB
Input trim to "-5" (just before "midi" which corresponds to 0dB if you prefer)
Power Mode: On.La position "Auto fact that they automatically shut when not in use (a nod to a previous poster).
Low and high Mute: Off

The mix that came loaded low before these adjustments are balanced now.
I still have yet to experience the Room Compensation, but hey, the best is the enemy of the good it seems ...

What are the things you enjoy most and least?

Pregnant toasted once (full mix of a project course).
The electrician who repaired was not impressed by the quality of the components used.
When reassembling the electronic box on the cabinet, the threads were stripped, it took bricoler.A the opportunity, take a look time to time to check that everything is always securely stowed (that is, you are now warned).

Since the time I listen to music (my own, that of radio, CD, DVD, etc ...), they are now my reference, my ears somehow.
Change to "better" would mean having to "recalibrate" which takes some time and the goal is to make Zique ultimately.
Plus, it is so well regulated that they are entirely satisfactory.

Titus accuracy: purchased (misery) secondhand to a friend who had found him at the same thing-cash-express, so at least a third hand.

Will I do it again this choice? Well, frankly ... yes.
Symphoniste borné01/20/2014

Symphoniste borné's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Satisfactory"

Behringer Truth B2031A
I do not have too many claims with respect to monitors. I am among those who think it enough to get used to listen to good mixes with the same pair of monitors are used to mix, to "learn" the right mix parameters, and it works pretty well.


- The frequency curve is correct for me. Anyway who has a perfect pitch?
- The sound is clear is accurate. Listening to the next room I can not tell if the artist sings live or recorded.
- The stereo image is correct.
- Dynamic I do not know.


- I use it for nine years.
- I used other models before and I'm happy now.
- What I like least is that they go off after a few minutes of inactivity. This feature bothers me.
- I recommend.

ulval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well"

Behringer Truth B2031A
For technical specifications please refer to the information sheet Audiofanzine ;)

What motivated my choice is the price (80 euros in hand) and the size of the boomers (much larger than many other speakers at the same price).


These speakers sound hifi I think.
I was fortunate to have the frequency response curves of the speakers when I bought it. The mine has a low enough in low and therefore a slight bump in the treble.
So I think they lack bass but they are fairly neutral to leave it.

The stereo image is good especially as it has a gain knob that allows each speaker knew then rebalance the stereo speaker if one is stronger than the other.

They also have different filter rééqualiser depending on the room or you are.

The dynamic is good.


I have one year from now. I am very happy.

I tried the Alesis M1 MK2 Activ which is a lot more bass a little too much, I think my Behringer more balanced level of the spectrum.
Value / unbeatable price.

What I like most is the filter on each speaker that is complete and works well. We can even mutate severe and / or acute. The gain is very convenient for the stereo balance.

What bothers me is the lack of bass.

I think these are good speakers near to start, I Refer this choice without hesitation.

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Behringer neutrality."

Behringer Truth B2031A
Their Neutrality reminiscent of good studio monitors.
I use them for the Monitoring and frankly it's good for that price.
Amplification is a mystery, given the power is 2x 240 Watts RMS, but Monitoring, power is not the main, however, have a good supply is useful in correcting low for example, so for "Pics "very high as needed. I have never pushed to the bottom, however, this reserve can make them versatile for use in another console output for sound to a room, but it is not their vocation.


A pleasant surprise, we obtain a neutral curve, the spectrum makes a perfect clarity and precision for monitoring. Stay tuned, Behringer gives you a lot for your buck.


For over two years without blushing. I saw B 2031, 3030, 3031 Series Active and Passive Thruth, equip tapping Studios called Pro as well as beginners Home Studios. Yes of KRK, Peavey, Etc..

Those are great speakers, solid, reliable listening for the right ears,
we ask no more, their power reserves make them "versatile", Boomers almost 9 "cashing well and at this price, the choice is quickly made,
we also have a flexible adaptation to the room acoustics, grafted XLR and 6.35,
at least some may find the linear range of 50 to 21 Khz, just,
but I doubt it :) To redeem your eyes closed, it's good Behringer.