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Behringer Amps & Monitors user reviews

  • Behringer Truth B1030A

    Behringer Truth B1030A - "Clear, decent sound"


    Behringer Truth B1030A are powered monitor speakers with a 1 inch dome tweeter and a 5.25 Kevlar woofer. They are equipped with a balanced XLR port, 1/4 inch TRS as well as unbalanced TS and RCA connections. They have switches for adjusting the high …

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - Kergo's review


    I bought them as low-budget monitor speakers when I started doing computer music. To this day I use them connected to a Presonus AudioBox 44 VSL soundcard. I still use them for computer music with Nuendo. SOUNDS It's true that these speakers have…

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - "multiple purposes"


    The Behringer MS 40 monitors are very inexpensive and have a great frequency range with a flat response. I used these for over a year and had some isolation pads under them on my workstation. I had these facing inward at ear level to give me the bes…

  • Behringer Truth B2030P

    Behringer Truth B2030P - "great for first monitors"


    The B2030P are a pair of passive studio monitors that I decided to go with once I chose to get a pair of real monitors instead of using computer speakers years ago. The main reason that I chose these monitors was after I got the chance to hear them i…

  • Behringer Truth B2031A

    Behringer Truth B2031A - "Nice monitors for the $$$"


    Thee actie speakers sound terrific and offer a lot of user control... B2031A 1. Built-in 265-Watt power amp with enormous power reserve 2. Long-throw 8 3/4" woofer with special polypropylene diaphragm and deformation-resistant aluminum die-cas…

  • Behringer Truth B2031A

    Behringer Truth B2031A - "solid sound"


    When using the Behringer Truth Series monitors they will give you a very clean sound. The low end of these monitors provide a very solid and full bass/low end. Not need to do a lot a re mixing with them either because how ever it sounds coming out of…

  • Behringer Truth B2031

    Behringer Truth B2031 - yoTrakkz's review


    The Behringer B2031a Truth Acitve Monitors give you a great sound and will make your mix better. I was actually really surprised when I first came across these monitors for the first time. Because Behringer isn’t known for their monitors but these ar…

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - "Yes and no"


    I bought these speakers for lack of space. I have used them to mix (DJ), as well as to do computer music and some other multimedia uses on a PC. SOUNDS The audio reproduction is good if you use them as multimedia speakers. They are limited if used …

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - "Could've been better..."


    * Which technical specifications motivated your choice? Their size, price, near-field format... * What do you use them for? Mix, monitoring. SOUNDS * Is the frequency response neutral enough? More or less, you need to fiddle some time with the b…

  • Behringer MS40

    Behringer MS40 - "Very bad"


    I'm very disappointed with these monitors, too. I like the brand, but this is an abuse, the sound is unadjustable. As others have described, the highs are fine, that's true, but the mids are absent and the lows muddled. Indeed, they lack lows, but if…