OBS 10, Active Monitor from FAR.

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dzip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

FAR, not producing speakers, calls for experts, the choice fell on a FAR boomer performance of 97 dB / W / m membrane in cellulose fiber reinforced corrugations. Some non-linearities FAR led to ask the manufacturer to replace the suspended multi-fold by double positive roll. The same approach, the spider has been stiffened. Finally, special treatment is applied to the membrane on the premises of FAR.Résultat: 15 as 150 watts, woofer 254 mm down to 35 Hz at -3 dB in excellent conditions and dynamics of loyalty . We had to manage other problems: high sound pressure (in the range of 120 dB SPL) inside the box requires a compliance optimized boomer, but a specific architecture of the enclosure itself, so avoid generating turbulence that can affect the sound quality. For this reason, the bass reflex vent was oversized.

Other amazing features and innovative OBS 10: structure and shape of the baffle, decoupled from the rest of the cabinet. FAR had set a goal to differentiate, to listen, all the nuances of a bass drum with foot microphone 20 cm from the skin, or 10 cm, with or without felt on the inside, etc. . : To pass this test, we need to get enough in the lower register, while generating high sound pressure, respecting the origin and dynamics of the spectrum associated. Any vibration of the woofer cabinet or dragging or poor amplification, does not give satisfaction. The cabinet and the cabinet, acoustically decoupled, are not in resonance with the same frequency. The cabinet has rounded corners for optimum flow of energy in avoiding side effects. Its structure consists of two parts Meditate (MDF) of 22 mm each held together by a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber and other resilient material (other trade secret of FAR), all maintained by an adhesive special. This unique process reduces vibration 70% cash, unparalleled performance. The tweeter ferrofluid silk dome takes place in an optimized waveguide dispersion and its implementation phase with the woofer. The acoustic center of the monitor is materialized by the blue LED power-on, placed in the waveguide.
Max SPL 125dB (2 cabinets @ 1 m)

Frequency response 35Hz - 22kHz

Active filters.
Cross Over 2800 Hz, 24dB/octave
User controls. -3 / -2 / -1 / Flat / 1 / 2 / 3 dB
(Shelf, Tilt)

Woofer 250 mm
Tweeter 25 mm soft dome

Ebenisterie 22 mm MDF
front with anti-vibration (70mm).


Rated / peak.
Serious 150W/250W Amplifier
Amplifier acute 70W/100W

Bandwidth 20-25000 Hz

Scan rate 35V /? S

SNR> 110dB
(S / N Ratio)

intermodulation 0.01%
0.05% Total Harmonic

Sensitivity 0dB
Impedance> 10k?
Fashion electronic scale.

Digital-Analog Conversion: 24 bit signal
Input sample rate from 8 to 108 kHz
Frequency 22 kHz (-0.1 dB) 45 kHz (-3 dB)
Linearity <1 dB at - 110 dBFs
SNR> 116 dB
Momentum> 113 dB

ADA: 24 bit - 96 kHz
Balanced analog input (selection "full scale", + 16 dBu max)
Total harmonic distortion <0.002% (full scale, 1 kHz, flat on the tape)
Delay <100? S (DSPs with activated)
- External Dimensions

Hauteur450 mm
Largeur350 mm
Profondeur430 mm

Weight 28 kg


The tweeter takes over at 2800 Hz, following a crossover to a slope of 24 dB per octave and an amplifier of 70 watts nominal. By comparison, the boomer receives a 150 watt amp. Based both on the same principle, these amps in Class A / B, enjoy audiophile approach, types of particular components are selected based on their position on the circuit. They also have both an excellent slew rate, guaranteeing an optimal return dynamics. One enters the modulation symmetrical or asymmetrical or AES or SPDIF digital, and many sensitivities are available and a digital potentiometer volume. An XLR output (Link) allows chaining multiple speakers on one channel. DSP provides a choice of four preset response curves, and the fifth reconfigure the monitor shelf or custom (eq 5 bands). A pair of RJ 45 or 3.5 mm TRS jack provides the connection between the optional wired remote control and one or more monitors. Finally, three tilt adjustments, operating on a range of ± 3 dB, operate at 60 Hz, 700 Hz to 10 kHz. In most cases, we will not intervene on these adjustable, factory set.

Excellent stereo imaging, the phase is perfectly mastered, there is a very large relief.l listening is very precise and the bass tight and fast.
The speaker is very responsive and dynamic tt remaining non-aggressive measures are very linear cepandant some say has tuned the medium (about 2.5 kHz) deserve a breath of more micro (eq setting of OBS) .

They recreate the sound message to the smallest detail, with as much finesse as dynamic. Excellent power handling. Whatever the listening volume, they are homogeneous in their bandwidth and do not tire the listener. It feels no confusion when the message becomes more complex sound, unlike many other active monitors becoming rough and noisy when under stress.

It&#39;s really very good.



The successful application of principles innovative, high musicality, definition and a surprisingly high fidelity.
Excelente tool for the rec and mix and auditing.
We replay all cd c!


Beyond the reach of all budgets, however, still reasonable in view of price competition seems to ignore this kind of product exists, but the quality will pay ...

Effectively combine these FAR fidelity, dynamic, precision and musicality. I admit I was disturbed by these monitors, the time became my references.