Genelec 1037B
Genelec 1037B

1037B, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 1000 series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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jctroyes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 1037B
That's almost two years that I work with these high-quality monitoring. It is quite obvious that this kind of speaker is not within reach of every budget still 9000euros about the pair.


Why use this type of monitoring?

Even for a simple reason the next three voices provides greater linearity (while increasing the danger of staining). We know that the medium is the trickiest part of the mix or mastering. The voice extremely well constructed medium provides a real control while listening to the use I noticed a slight loss in the 3700Hz but I think that should come to my listening room. Bass is very accurate and treble well balanced.
The power is quite sufficient for a majority of studio setup.

1037A, B, C

I took the time to compare with the 1037C Quite frankly I really wonder why you release new models because the difference is almost imperceptible. As against the latter are THX standards.
It should be noted that there had been 15 years of real progress in the field of speaker membranes. Currently the ribbon is again in vogue as it was a sacred moment that the sulking.
In short, I would not exchange my 1037A against the B or C (for reasons of space can be S30 with last generation) over a Universal Audio Converter, I better off using my converter than the latest models .

In practice!

In practice the Genelec 1037 are not gifts, the sound mix with the work ... But when it rings ... It is certain that the mix will always sound. And I know it displease some .. but this is not the case Makie HR824 that sounds almost too good to certainne music. That said ... this is an extreme of Monitoring of quality and I never claimed otherwise ... I invite you to have a home with a small pair of NS10M frankly ... It always amazes me (at their level course).

The Ugly:

That's the topic that fache those in home and reassures those who have not in saying that he do well to stay with their monitoring.

As I said above, there seems to be a low to 3700Hz. Unlike some models of the same brand 160Hz area is quite shy (usually a mastering EQ in this area by adding 2 dB with a gentle slope solves the problem and you make your mix sound on any type of monitoring).
Some find the treble too aggressive for me ... that's fine because I've never had ear fatigue with the Genelec and even very high level.
The acoustic tuning is long ... In any case they are equipped with numerous filters to fit perfectly with the room acoustics and that means having a measurement microphone and still reserve 2 hours by pausing ... In addition there pay close attention to the distance between the wall and monitoring. The angle of 60 degrees is really a store. The axis of the monitor is quite high which means not too much then the up or sloping down. What does not help, what is very heavy ...
In both positions permitted (with 30 minutes of manipulation) by the manufacturer (standing or lying) and the stereo still very good ... by lying against position gives a different sound reproduction .... Very good course, but different. For now I use them up but I will soon install them lying ... I think for my type of room the sound is better.
Other default weight ... very heavy ... clutter. And despite an already tough armor, it still gives off magnetic fields. (I was already said, I did not see one day Genelec are also huge) and again this is not 1034 ...

Recently I was wondering if I could not replace the amps by the Brinston (a history of pushing further quality) if someone tried I do not mind the above notice. FYI Genelec had with the Yamaha NS10M amplification Genelec ... those who have crossed the HP I would really like an opinion.


To summarize ... These are high quality monitor that can also start in mastering. Strangely there is a difference between the 1037A and C! the 1037B may have a more serious but frankly ...
The 1037A is made of wood (hence weight) 1037B and C versions are finished in wood as an option.

I regret the small drop in momentum towards the 150-160Hz ... But I always hesitate to compencer this loss (by EQ output table) because I always found my best Mastering rung on other HP by making the recording that small increase.

domos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 1037B
I possde a pair of 1037B pregnant for 5 years. I do not regret the investment because they possdent a remarkable precision. We can say what one wants this type of forum, you must simply listen and we adopt them naturally. But once adopted, be careful! trs that you'll never hardly the cost of the Competition, the 1037, that is something else ...

Bass Amp 180 W
120 W amp Mdium
Aigues 120 W amp

Slew rate 80 V / s
THD <0.05%
SNR> 100 dB
Maximum peak sound pressure of 1.7m (pair):> = 126 dB
Rponse flat 37 21 Khz
Weight 40 Kg


Neutrality precision, dynamic copy that is a Gnlec!
Warning! these monitors require square meters floor and a perfect section SETTING THE intgre correction.
At the cost of a good recording trs, choir with organ, for example, cal in the chair, paupires farms, the motion is the c 'is the ecstatic jubilation! all that remains is that the moist air of the church ....


They are pregnant for the pro, for real music and their place is not in the kitchen of a home-studio owners!

J 'uses Mackie, Dynaudio of proximity to work and for the final Gnlec CONTRL.
I could not don 'go and if it' silent again? I ressigne a chque ....( big!)