M-Audio Studio Pro  3
M-Audio Studio Pro 3

Studio Pro 3, Active Monitor from M-Audio.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 20 reviews )
 7 reviews35 %
 7 reviews35 %
 4 reviews20 %
 2 reviews10 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

chrisbeats's review

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
The perfect size for your in house studio, with the choice to put your headphones in and to control your bass is good for the price of these moniters


They are good for sound with the right audio interface and can provide great quality with trained ears


These monitors are great for anybody who is on a low budget but is trying to get their money worth. Perfect size, perfect price, these monitors are what you need if your on a budget
Audiofanzine FR11/06/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
(Originally written by HomestudisteRap/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Tiny M-Audio Studio Pro 3 monitors


Great sound (maybe a bit too brilliant although you can correct that with the bass amplifier to get a more pleasant sound).


I've been using these monitors for one year and I am very satisfied... Excellent value for money.

madchap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
2-way speaker easily transportable connected via RCA
there is a switch in the back to boost the bass


the speakers are not neutral but are not very colorful, so they are used for "mixer"
stereo image is correct insofar as it is placed in the right place we aoriente much els pregnant
dynamics is inadequate because the speaker is a volume limit and therefore we can not really turn up the volume without the "deformation"
the sound is still quite precise (given the size and especially the price!) but hey it's not awesome! say that pure makes the most you have to stay a reasonable volume ... ie sometimes a little below what it would take to properly mix

and it is possible to "mix" or rather to say most of the work, must not dream, it will be a system of better quality to really come up with something decent.

but with experience and a good headset, you can get a very good results (especially if one considers the investment demand is good .. yes the headphone!)

given the small size / power of the speakers, the bass boost can be activated at the back is useful to get an idea of ​​what will give the bass more focused on HP Hi-fi (mix without the boost -> with verification)


ca is qq years that I have seen and the price (bought in China for 60 euros including shipping) I can not see what I could blame them. ombe down if I buy a pair directly (they are still in China)

it can be used to mix (to the extent that we have a proper headphone) and it restores the music well enough (resulting in a slight coloration that masks even when certain default)

default principal: amount of spectrum set aside (considering the price do not push it!), especially a lack of power, dynamics

major asset recess price, but especially the quality / price

So has tips for beginners in home studio, fans at modest needs (or those who lack space!) or "audiophile" a small budget.

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Subsistence Minimum for home studio, a mini price, a great value!"

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
A pair small, cheap, portable, for Trimming video and sound editing monitor / audio.
Tired of image editors that use small speakers multimedia (yes it exists!)
But I did not necessarily carry around more expensive monitors. With these small m audio, the editor and his client's story, they hear better the quality of their decision-sounds (well or rather their fault) and I will not have much to carry them.

14 watts. The left speaker amplifies the line via a link cable (so it is not strictly speaking two active speakers ...)

The sound card's mac is connected directly to stereo minijack top 2xRCA
More rarely, an mbox is connected via 2 RCA / Jack

They fit in a suitcase with swimsuits and m audio oxygen; nice to compose light


Okay for the price.
Lack of bass
Low medium tends to saturate (that is clearly down to gate it!)
Treble and high mids highlight the sibilants, (probably too) which is not bad for pre control the votes taken.
The overall sound gives an impression crystalline
Zic attention to the lack of bass!
Be careful not to saturate them!


This follows a first try.
I just made it a sound editing on the go, I will now turn into Genelec 8020 Yamaha MSP5 assisted by the second listen.

d in took the opportunity to listen to different mixes.
of course that we can not wait much potato and precision as the Genelec, but for the price (80 to 100 euros a fresh pair in their time) was already a good stereo image, and treble that does not forgive.
to avoid mixing other than to mock it anyway, they're clearly not pregnant mix!
used to compose without breaking the bank if using little low for the control of voice and basic monitoring.
This is the minimum, but also the price is minimal, why deprive s?
Best value used less than 50 euros.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Why spend more as the first approach?"

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
It must be said, is basically the price that made me achter these speakers. Comments on AF were good enough, highlighting the quality / price ratio, so to get rid of bad habits monitoring of HIFI speakers without making the leap to a high-end equipment (which you always end up having to go in my opinion), I jumped on it.

They are the ass of my sound card, and voila!

7 / 10


Question her, they do not teach me much. They favor the mids and turn off the bass, so that I leave it too often. It's probably me who am not well enough educated.

At least I admit them to help me put my instruments in the stereo image with precision. As for dynamics, I find that the compress too much.

I have also a problem with early, because the right speaker crackles on some frequencies where the other remains unmoved. Guarantees two years, they are likely to return to SAV Thotho (which never let me down).

5 / 10


I had never experienced speaker dedicated to monitoring before them, and I sorely lacking a point of comparison with others. That said, the other, for they are blameless, I also know the price to go in it.

While I still prefer, for now, the basic mixer with them, then check and correct through other plays that I'm used to.

It is certain that it is very cheap for what it can, but then to say that it rivals the sector benchmarks, I am suspicious ...

I do not blame them. They will still serve me by what I invest in the top.

7 / 10

spouks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nothing wrong but ..."

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
I bought these little speakers when I DCID m'quiper a minimum of models to the house with a Boss BR600. I did not have a round, they were quoted at cheap (half the Fostex I had been offered), so I function.

I use it for the arrangements, the mix and mastering of my pieces. Finally, to the extent that I can be named (not the songs, though - but especially the mastering, that my level of comptence and equipment, is somewhat illusory).

Auto amplified, with a knob-on-off volume, it is a childish simplicity to use and install. Note that they are provided with supports to tilt up or down, which can rvler very practical in a small space. Small snag on this point, the wind is the rear, so we Vitera even when to press against the wall ...

Mine came with some taient Cables, forcment but not good (some missing, others duplicated taient: a small shop in Checker and the tower will jou.

Trs not powerful, even when they can get out enough volume to jam in dpanner apartment (low in the BR600, transplanted the speakers, hacks or similar).

M-Audio gives us here a modest product, but has the MRIT not to cheat.


Enter the heart of the matter. How the curve frequency drives such small creatures can it be neutral? It is not possible. So they are useless and they sell off? Well, not quite. When we started the production of models and that the money does not flow waves, they can be useful trs, provided they do not mix exclusively according to their report. This remark is also equally true for the hardware much more upscale. For my part, I work with these speakers and headphones (Sennheiser HD202) that can be described as low-end. To circumvent this problem picked li techniques of rponse, it is impractical to Listen to discs that are connate trs well with this stuff, to be aware of its default and can not do anything at the time of mixing. Do not burn a mock hsiter current mixing for the cost over a string hi-fi in the car, everywhere. It's tedious, but essential.

Knowing that low is when rponse Reduces same (at least it is not artificially inflated, unless one switches on the rear bass boost, which I deprecated) A headphone that will put too much can be a good complment.

For their size, the spatial sound plutt is correct. They lack bass and dynamics in the grade in the treble. Is that it is demanding, the long ...


Unclear whether these speakers are a good buy to do. When I started write this opinion, I thought I d make a good headphone only. But forcing me to explain my work methods, I realized that these speakers, with their default, even when m'taient of great help since I knew them. By comparison, they helped forge my ear (still far from the required level, but good), and, for a price trs tightened can work the image stro More precisely with great headphones.

Sr Although, I have cravings for that matter, now, but if I had started with trs good hardware, I would certainly less dbrouillard today. For beginners in complment a headphone, and provided to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the speakers is a good choice. At worst, we can always recycle the extra speakers for a PC!

PS: if people could arrter to 9 of 10 all that belongs to them, the opinions would be more useful. If I tell, it's also for you to relativize my note, which is secondary intrt ...

jimmyG's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Interesting product"

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
The relative affordability of this product led me to purchase.
Indeed newbie in the home studio computer music I wanted a pair of nearfield average quality and affordable price level.


The sound is very correct. Good bass that does not drool its been fun:)
The treble is a tendency to crackle a little. This is annoying on a mix but otherwise his pass


I use them for a year and I am very happy with this purchase. The asset is essentially the price remains very affordable for this type of material. However it remains the first price and is ideal for beginners but I think today has evolved to a higher range.
The value for money is excellent and I recommend these small speakers to all lovers of good sound.

freddant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
I know nothing, I needed something better than monitors to 25 from € carrouf.
I tried but these monitors at 25 € it was C & aps.
The brand and the price made me buy them.

The power seems ideal for the use I made.
Ca MYSELF spelter, I can not go very high.
But they are already very little power for my home studio.

My config: card EMU1212MV2
I spend over mp3 and various instruments.
It all goes very well.


Me, they seem pretty good.
Even well above the low pass.
Saur at very high volume and there it starts to ... seriously stuck.


I use them for over 2 years.
I struggled quite a while due to a cable to Mr. ...
I took some time to find out why.
But then the sound is ... perfect ... but not value for money is pretty unbeatable.
I have not tried other models apart from computer speakers.

I listen Store intruments other monitors to evolve.
And I can not make choices.

Another cool thing: the headphone jack.
Great for me who did not have the sound card.
I can not do without.

So I'm not ready to sell.
Mine does not buz or hum ... :-)
I invested instead in a very good studio headphones.
Guillaume LANGEVIN07/08/2009

Guillaume LANGEVIN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
The prices on Thomann silent drisoire: 66th pair, I thought there was not much to lose. At worst, if for computer music n'taient it not good, has more than enough for multimdia.Et then there is between a small jack on the front, which is a plus.

For what purpose?
Registration of small scale model, a small home studio without prtention

What amp / What configuration? ...
I have an Emu 1212-M sound card and table 4 between attroce.


THE FIRST n'tait not feel good: While the neutrality is the (at dtriment of personality but a lack of power, and ds be pushed a little, a lack of clarity. The image Stereo is good, no problem of power quilibrage note.

-> Suite evokes a problem of saturation below, I returned the speakers and then I change the view Prior: they have potatoes for a small home studio power is made sufficient and its always clean up 80/90% of the total power.

The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
And is the drama. The bass is quite lacking, given the speaker size is plutt logical, but what comes out is clean and does not interfere with the rest of the spectrum. The treble is so much fun, shined it right and it prcis. But against the mdiums, was not going at all. Senior mdium are quickly screaming when you push the volume. As for low mdiums, l was not getting better, it's even worse: a saturated carrment mid-volume, bulk during the same half of the spectrum. Sax, cello, do anything, it's dirty. Trsdu on this point, especially since the rest is more than adequate.
-> Change Following a change: good bah they had a problem eh ... <img class="smiley" src="https://fr.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" /> . Those that referred me do a bit more saturated, everything seems much more Dfine and powerful, the bass Submitted without "eating" the other frquences, and acute trs (a bit too) crystal. More problem at all in the low-mdiums short, I say the not so, I say YES (this post is erotic, let us).

The dynamic is it respect? ...
Yes, this ct no worries, nothing of note ngatif.


How long have you use it?
I have two weeks from now

Most of these speakers:
- Quality of frabrication
- Price
- Clarity and precision of acute
- Quality of low frequencies, although few Submitted

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I had a good kit Altec Lansing multimedia front, which certainly gave n'tait not neutral but a natural warm sound that I sometimes regret it, at least to judge the "pass" on my sound. How You think qualitprix report?
The report price is quality throughout trs correct. Edit APRS change: The report price is trs good quality!

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
I do not think, and only because of the low saturation mdiums.
In résumé on three quarters of what comes out, these speakers are trs well for a small home studio, they look strong at that. But this problem fouttu mdiums gche really low table. It reassures some, a little EQ in paufin against dips and talk about it more, but all the same, it's boring trs.
Forget the low, forget even the "Bast-boost" it's like a kit on a R21 NOZ Nevada in 1981. ca low but increases the food while the lower spectrum. No way to stick a box so the bass is not the DEFINITIONS it will cost. This much, 66 is hard to beat, let Csar what belongs to him.

Edit APRS changes: Yes I would do this choice, bad luck for the 1st time problem but with a factory copy properly manufactured these speakers are so much fun. Reprcis as above, are actually much lower Submitted and perfectly adequate for a small home studio, and the bass-boost, although it is losing clarity can lgrement turns out rer useful and effective notament of electro music.
Trs Chres little more than correct on all points, what more? For a pair of speakers Premire they are perfect for a pro srement will be a bit limited, but everyone will agree the report qualitprix unbeatable.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Studio Pro 3
The size, power too high. I was looking for something with a volume manageable.
Connected to the PC with various soft guitar (ReValver, freeamp, ...) is excellent.


I am not a specialist. Far from it.
It allowed me to make my first steps in the "home studio" and learn some concepts.
They are great for the price and the use I make.


I have been using for two years.
In this price range, for me it's the best.
Unbeatable value for money.
I do it again this choice without hesitation.

The notice indicates a sound precedent. At home, there is nothing.
And noise issue ... I have a sound card that makes it ... I know what I'm concerned.
EDIT on 01/08/2008
I am looking to move to other solutions, but after some thought ... why take it?? They are still excellent. Not perfect, but it does it well.