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  • ADAM F7

    ADAM F7 - " I love it!"


    (Anyway, I apologize for my French, because it is not my native language) Purchased for their good reviews in the media and their professionneaux price, I do not regret it! I use them in my home studio for mixing. SOUNDS Its detailed, especi…

  • ADAM F7

    ADAM F7 - " THE TOP!"


    I chose these speakers because I was looking for my successor to A7X. Wanting to guide me on the A77X (ultimately too expensive), the Dynaudio BM50A (slightly too loud), I altogether oriented F7 (EXCELLENT QUALITY / PRICE report) Used solely for t…

  • ADAM F5

    ADAM F5 - " no doubt, it is ADAM"


    To all those who are reluctant to buy Adam F5 ... It is true that the AF test is not the most flattering. But there is much more appreciative tests on English or American magazines ... When the Yanks talk about "bang for the bucks", it is rath…