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Alto Professional Truesonic user reviews

  • Alto Professional TSSUB18

    Alto Professional TSSUB18 - " very good this box tssub18"


    Hello, I buy this subwoofer alto he may of used time and inexpensive to try this with a pair of yamaha dxr15, and I can tell you that for 600w and announced the new price for the weight a 46cm is an EXCELLENT product. So with both of dxr15 1400w …

  • Alto Professional TS110A

    Alto Professional TS110A - " Not bad at all"


    I have two that I use as a floor or small benefits for more than a year. I have 2 RCF 412A + 1 subwoofer RCF 718 AS for theatrical release. Line has 2 inputs and Micro symmetrical (type combo XLR / Jack 6.35) which allows you to connect two sour…

  • Alto Professional TSSUB18

    Alto Professional TSSUB18 - " You can go there ;-)"


    So I have this sub recently and I must say it did not disappoint me. I made a first evening this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised! He gives very deep bass! At full power difficult to stay ahead :-) I have to say before making clipper amp shou…

  • Alto Professional TS115A

    Alto Professional TS115A - " Ideal for small PA training"


    For my band (guitar + bass + drums + keyboard) is completely autonomous in our live performances, I ordered a bundle with 2 speakers TS115A V2, 2 feet aluminum and 2 XLR cables 10m, all for less than € 600. I chose 15 "to avoid adding a box while …

  • Alto Professional TS115A

    Alto Professional TS115A - " pleasantly surprised"


    First delivery made with 4 speakers alto ts 115a and I must say its working very well. I was skeptical about the sound of the plastic case and after test these speakers are really nice its treble bass are not very aggressive and has enough power roun…

  • Alto Professional TS115A

    Alto Professional TS115A - " Good active speaker for cheap!" has images


    I use it since early October 2011, bought € 285 in I use it as a return to battery electric and acoustic drums, I go back to stage one more in my song. I had the opportunity to work with pregnant and rcf db technology, I think the rc…