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  • Dynaudio LYD 7 Review

    Dynaudio LYD 7 Review - Back in white


    We are the first to brawl about the lack of innovation among speaker manufacturers. Dynaudio is one of those brands with an undeniable know-how, but whose road map only seems to lead into a desert where you can find a rock or a cactus from time to time...definitely not the best place to be for a thirsty home-studio owner. So it came as a surprise …

  • Dynaudio BM Compact mkIII review

    Dynaudio BM Compact mkIII review - Danish Sound


    Lack of space is a well-known issue for most people living in cities. When you live in a small apartment and you make computer music, every single inch counts. That's why one particular model caught our eye when Dynaudio introduced the mkIII versions of its BM series: The BM Compact mkIII. These seem like a couple of BM5 mkIII speakers that underw…

  • Dynaudio DBM50 Review

    Dynaudio DBM50 Review - Dynaudio Over The Top


    The Danish manufacturer which has been very quiet these last years has decided to come back and take front stage with a new speaker model from the BM Series. The DBM50's most unique characteristic is that it has an angled front baffle and it was designed to sit on a desk. Is it a good idea?