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  • How To Set a Bass Amp

    How To Set a Bass Amp - Find A Good Sound With Your Bass Amp


    It's almost that time of year again and my body and mind are already longing for some well-deserved holidays sitting next to the fire with a hot cup of chocolate. But before that happens and we can all go enjoy ourselves, I will close my short tutorial series.

  • How to choose a bass amp

    How to choose a bass amp - Bass amp buyer's guide


    I read somewhere that Leo Fender’s genius was in his business choices. He was one of the first to understand that the success of an electronic instrument depended on the quality of its amplification. He then put out a new amp to go with every new guitar. Without the Bassman, the Precision would have taken a lot more time to become successful! Tha…

  • Amplifiers: what are classes A/B/AB/D

    Amplifiers: what are classes A/B/AB/D - Explanation of class A, class B, class AB and class D amps


    The basic function of an amplifier is to increase a low intensity signal capture. It can be a direct source such as a microphone, a musical instrument, or a signal corrected by an intermediary preamplifier (which processes the signal source through equalizers, filters, etc.)...

  • How to avoid ground loops

    How to avoid ground loops - Banish Ground Loop Hum


    There are a few different reasons why a musician might wish to use multiple amplifiers as part of their rig.