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Bass amplification hot news

  • Bass amp buyers guide
    Hot news

    Bass amp buyers guide

    04/22/13 in Bass Amplifiers

    I read somewhere that Leo Fender’s genius was in his business choices. He was one of the first to understand that the success of an electronic instrument depended on the quality of its amplification. He then put out a new amp to go with every new guitar. Without the Bassman, the Precision would have taken a lot more time to become successful! Tha…

  • [NAMM] TC Electronic BH250
    Hot news

    [NAMM] TC Electronic BH250

    07/11/12 in TC Electronic BH250

    TC launches BH250, the first head in the company’s Bass Amp 2.0 range to introduce the TonePrint concept.

  • Fender Bassman Pro 100T Amplifier Head Review
    Hot news

    Fender Bassman Pro 100T Amplifier Head Review

    06/15/12 in Fender Bassman Pro Bassman 100T

    Tubes are the El Dorado for all people who think that bass amps were better before. Nostalgics can take their bell-bottoms out of the closet and grow their hair long because all-tube technology is back!

  • Video TC Electronic BG250  @Musikmesse
    Hot newsMusikmesse

    Video TC Electronic BG250 @Musikmesse

    03/21/12 in TC Electronic BG250-115

    Video TC Electronic BG250 @Musikmesse

  • [NAMM] Zoom B3
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] Zoom B3

    01/20/12 in Zoom B3

    The B3 Bass Effects and Amp Simulator Pedal combines a stompbox pedalboard with a multi-effects pedal and USB audio interface.