Crl Systems amigo fm
Crl Systems amigo fm

amigo fm, Analog/Digital Converter from Crl Systems.

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Comp 04/04/2014

Crl Systems amigo fm : Comp's user review

«  Small but very good quality »

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It is really professional broadcast equipment built to last!
Therefore all inputs and outputs are via screw terminals, except for the MPX output (stereo encoder for FM radio).


For many years I used the entire CRL Systems range without a glitch.
Open the bonnet to adjust some internal settings to the machine, one branch, is energized, is sending sound is adjusted levels of entry and exit, and then finally settle in front with a small screwdriver level and low density treatment and that's it!
Once set you can forget it and concentrate on the music that goes in there ...
This new material has always been very expensive because there we are far from building methods public or semi pro. About 6000 euros.
The performances are of a high standard.