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All user reviews for the M.F.B. KRAFTZWERG

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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item's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Concentrate the necessary basic was modular synthesis with + as the double intercontrolable lfo, 3 osc, the extra entries on the filter and vac, converter midi / cv mfb ... Construction, big nag refrain, otherwise use normal any worries.


I do not know how other manufacturer to get us out of the 80-page manual, but in mfb it's a a4 duplex and all is !! at the same time it's a knob therefore a function ...
My first modular in true I mean I 'd already liked the oberheim matrix6 the elevata (rip) and a survoller MS10, so I was not totally new at this, it was necessary to assimilate more cv / gate.

I will say this is a bit technical, but thanks pre routing can be sounds without cabler and that makes it easy to understand the basic logic.


So then it's of analog, no aliasing, no unpleasant artefact that dice off the beaten track, it sounds fat, sharp, shrill, space but always with the "presence".
With the possible routings can be rotated loops with a sound that evolu constantly ....
Otherwise you can make detuned pads, acid bassline, the bleep in all directions, sky is the limit !!

The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? The euuuh it's my style of music that is suitable.


Perfect for entry into the modular world without breaking the bank, I had almost 1 year since the I have a rack 9 U, and although I keep a KRAFTZWERG !! j 'now have version eurorack in my system: yes éh is every reason in the basic pay 3 times more for the same thing back .... oh yeah .... if for blue diodes;-)

worker8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Triple map VC0 + noise and ring modulator
1 Filter 24dB/oct
Two envelopes AHDSR
Two LFOs with reset and modulation fquence

Many functions in such a small space is a real pleasure.


Some potentiomtres have no effect on their whole race (the filter).
The absence of multiple limit the possibilities of the LFO patch.
The tuning stakes a claim for a little patience.

Apart from these few default, usage is simple and intuitive.


Thanks very varied section VCO very complte.

BMOL: modulation frequency drives somewhat pleasant, the ring mod digital creation area.


A must try for the modular low price. A box tool effective and cheap.

Plutt than read reviews, listen Plutt my bench ( ) !

Edit June 2010:

APRS year and a half of loyal service, I had an intermittent fault on the envelope 2. Repair Tool has the transition (3 months): misdiagnosis in the first return Repair Tool, then post problem. To celebrate the return of the small bte, here are two new DMOS:

- at Kraftzwerg except percussion, and rverb dlai ( )
- Kraftzwerg all, even the drums, except rverb and dlai ( )

soopalonyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

CHARACTERISTICS of the synth are Describes the manufacturer's website which also offers Tlcharger of ten presets giving a glimpse of possible sounds.

Some important points about its limitations: the Kraft has no internal memory (Schematic of faade tlchargeable also on site to record that would reproduce rglages as the age of stone / gold synths), it is monophonic, its audio outputs are formatted 3.5.

This synth can be used alone (without keyboard or interface CONTRL), the use will be limited but may produce cyclical movements (using the LFOs and envelopes) that could be evolve by playing DIFFERENT parameter. A lot of video on the net at their dmonstration.


No memory, so no sub-menu. Everything is accessible from the faade. It all should make the machine simple to use ... trs
Yes and no.

Ct of the rudimentary synth me some possible problem at departure. For the record, it took me a few hours before it was not enough understanding of the ADSR envelope rgler CONTRL for the behavior of sound in time, but it was also necessary to indicate the intensity of the action of the envelope of the amplifier (VCA) with the knob CV1.
Let's say it's a habit to take the faade shows the destinations of the default commands, you should be familiar with the original itineraries.

Add this cblage opportunities (which are the singularities of the machine) and everything becomes more complicated.

The manual is condensed trs. Difficult to do otherwise. The intrt the use of Kraft based on the referrals we can imagine DIFFERENT express. For this, there can be no instructions (only a few examples, evokes earlier, the manufacturer's website to give the tracks).

Moreover, following the examples of patch MFB, I realized the Ractive of rglages. In some configurations, a movement of some millimtres of a parameter may radically alter your exact.


Big favorite for the 3 oscillators. The possibilities (choice of three waveforms each, tuning, mixing) plutt are classics, but can get a nice range of sounds.

Filter question, we must be content with a simple low-pass (effectively) with about the results from soft to trs trs aggressive (associated with the rsonance).

The modulation possibilities are endless. The question is how we will use a particular sound. Example: a cblage allows for the FM, but you have to get a hold on his mlodique. It can turn quickly exprience noisy. It is also possible to inject external signals (I tried a sample in the filter with modulation of the opening like a gate effect), has opened even when a lot of perspectives. ..

I stay for the moment quite shy in using cblages (no more than a couple of times). I think it's a machine that takes time to deliver all its secrets, but I'm confident I'm still in the PERIOD Discoveries and a pleasure to make knots with his brain and to costs what happens.


I possde this synth for beginners 2009 (3 months). I am not, has not much comparable to other instruments that I use (Nord Lead 2X, Roland Alpha Juno). For a very affordable price, there is something to be surprised and have fun if you like imagining new routes and grind in consquence.