Moog Music Minitaur
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Moog Music Minitaur

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Kori G04/10/2013

Kori G's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pleasantly surprised ...."

Moog Music Minitaur
Well I will not dwell on the machine as it is easy to watch videos on youtube.
Just say that the first edge is rather well built, quite heavy for its size and therefore a sign of strength. Plugs jacks are good quality plastic anything, to see the length ..
The knobs are nice and beefy look.
More than anything else for delirium, I paid for the ears to the rack with big logo moog and I de-board solution for this pretty but not very useful because the truth is small and Minitaur be placed n 'anywhere without taking up space so no use to the rack ...
Over the said ears are not thick (2mm) so flimsy. (And it denotes too big next to my moog units 19 "vocoder, EQ, Phazer ....)


Nothing more simple even if the book is to download and not in French.
With some callback or memory requiring reading manual for combinations of buttons ...
Editing software on mac / pc can be downloaded from the website after registration moog but I can not dwell on the subject, using no computer for music.
I use midi with an MPC2000XL, an ORB or other sequencers and almost exclusively for bass or percussion sound (very interesting thanks to the speed of the filter, lfo) and therefore noon (of Moreover this is the only negative point in my opinion of Minitaur, no out noon).


The sound is obviously not equivalent to a true Taurus nor his old moog known but it has a good grain especially for low or both synthetic percussion sounds, but also leave some aggressive leads and properly modulated.
I personally think it sounds a little better as the slimPhatty, although fewer opportunities.


I recently started using and so can not yet speak, including its presence in the mix compared to my old machine.
But for now I would say that the price and the recent moog, it is rather a small mono-synth interesting and I am pleasantly surprised by its noise footprint compared to other products such as recent moog voyagers, subphatty or the last, that I appreciate very much and I probably will not buy it.
I have very good machines with big sound rich in harmonics, machines certainly old, fragile and bulky but that is not always required to effects such as reverb, chorus or other that it sounds in a mix.
The Minitaur him to need a little boost in output to gain harmonics but this is only myself and my tastes dinosaur.
And I think his use of Ordi with Live example is really nice if you are not allergic to vst / vsti like me.
So what other machines it exists cheaper Domino eowave genre by exploring the use we want to do in this category, the Minitaur is a small mono synth well enough to go above the live without need to take the truck .....

secmast's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent synth bass"

Moog Music Minitaur
Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Lower Expander type.
It is limited to 6 octaves of notes 0-72.
Two oscillators sawtooth or square, the oscillator 2 is adjustable plus or minus one octave.
Another setting allows the agreement with another instrument on the two oscillators of plus or minus one semitone.
A moog ladder filter, the resonance is self-oscillating if fully opened.
A filter for the envelope
An envelope for the amp
One Triangle LFO type to modulate the filter and the oscillator frequency.
And a Glide (switchable) settings are available on the case.
In addition to that of CV input for Pitch, Filter, and Volume on the rear gate.
Midi in a connector type DIN, a USB port for configuration from a computer, an audio input, audio output, headphone output and an input power supply, complete the back.
Still in Beta, the editor also allows users to configure the front a further configuration of Minitaur by Midi with overkill for most parameter resolution of 14bits.


Configuration from the box itself is very easy for someone who used to configure an analog synth. However the editor PC / MAC is required to push the configuration a little more forward.
Synchronization of two Tilt, synchonization LFO with an external clock, tuning legato etc. etc. etc.
In addition the Minitaur with no preset memory is essential to have a PC to recall presets.

The manual is available only in English but this is not a rocket to fly but a simple analog synthesizer. The user then find the necessary information such as the array configuration from noon to twelve o'clock a publisher other than the publisher of Moog


The sound of this synthesizer is particularly stunning, this is the bass.
The Minitaur is tempering Tauraus and anyway Moog lived up to its reputation.


I use it for around 3 months and it almost daily.
It is the perfect complement to my Korg M3 EXB-RADIAS to whom I complained of lacking in bass fishing, I can now complete those with low or Minitaur surcharge, either alone or in Lower Minitaur still using the entry Audio Minitaur.
However, I regret the lack of internal memory for presets, this requiring the use of a computer which does not necessarily facilitate the implementation stage.

It's a choice I thought maturely, the MiniBrute OF Arturia also brought up that the M3 could give me. However it is a choice I would do without hesitation.
The construction of this cabinet is excellent and the knobs do not suffer from any criticism.
Their handling is firm and linear from one end to another, 17 are arranged on this synth, and no difference in sensitivity was noted between them.