VCS 3, Analog Synth from EMS.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
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sw80's review"Create some weird sounds"

The VCS 3 is an analog synth that comes in a wooden case. This synth has been around for a very long time and I use to use it a lot when I was looking for older analog sounds to add to my music. There are 3 VCO subtractive synth and FM analog synths in the VCS3. There is only one filter and that is a low pass filter. When you purchase this synth you will have to take into consideration that there is no keyboard that comes with it. You will need to purchase another keyboard controller.


This synth has been a joy to work with and has held up very well for me. I had one from 2002 until 2008 after purchasing one used. They were originally created back in the late 60’s but can still be found around studios and production labs today because of their ability to create very spacey synths and sounds. Some of the sounds end up a little out of tune because of the oscillators (sometimes) get out of tune on their own.


Setting this synth up does not take much effort because it is basically all one unit. I would treat it with care though because if it does break or something happens to it you could have a hard time finding a part to fix it being that it is over 50 years old.


If you are into weird sounds and analog synths, I recommend shopping around to get your hands on one of these synths. I used it with a mini keyboard that only had 29 keys but that was all that I needed at the time. The sounds from this synth are used by many current musicians like The Who and others. I am also able to get some really good sound effects on this synth just by playing around. I have not seen a manual for this synth and I wouldn’t expect to see one being that it is so old.
MGR/Crispin Pedler12/06/2001

MGR/Crispin Pedler's review"EMS VCS3"

Bought from FRIEND!
I gave him my Les Paul, so the capitalist prat only charged me $550.00

Unique! Unequaled, and unemulated.
The trapezoid VCA
Hard cutting RAW sound never acheived by another
Whether it's portabella or Putney, you can find it useful
VCO's - Subtractive / FM analog synthesis
The lovelust in Moog users eyes when the realize that it does more than bass.

The embarassingly bad keyboard
Lack of any recent technology
Low Pass VCF

Drop it kick it, set it on fire. It will come up with some interesting new patch.

GET IT NOW! forget that rubbishy Roland Korg tinny muck. Have fun -

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hugo280's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" VCS3 not a synth a MONSTER"

It's not a synth to synth solos but a search.
I recovered with his keyboard DK2 duophonic.
3 oscillators
an integrated reverb
1 ring modulator
1 filter
1 noise generator
6 for setting the envelope shaper
Having a meter
and between several sotie
1 jostick modulation
HP embedded 2
a great matrix that allows to modify and interpolates al infinite position of each module
you understood the grace of grouping the matrix are HUGE


It's pretty confusing at first.
The possibilities are so great and the manual so obscure it is difficult at first to go or we will.
There is a logic to follow.
Actually forget all the rest because it is unique in its operation.


AHHHH here is the point where it dominates.
The sounds are how to say Hallucinogen.
The dynamics is unparalleled.
And I think knowing I have a minimoog model d and MS20 and MS10.
I thought that was wrong was a machine MS20 research.
Ben has done that is 10,000 times more limited dynamic range and sound research that VCS3.
Yet I love my MS20, but we enter a new universe.
The VCS3 actually has one default it is not able to play what we want him to do.
He is your master and he leads the dance.
The most surprising is rated frequencies and the sound spectrum that is able to achieve.
Minimoog is very much a low in the bass below.
as the VCS3 is as low in infra bass but it attained the 2nd galaxy in the spectrum of acute infra.
Without putting out high frequencies and become like little needles coming triturate in your brain.
He has become a very sought after item.
very RARE and has now owned by connoisseurs, museums and mad scientist of music concrete.
The slightest contact or intermittent contact with the pins of the matrix sends you live visit COMOS then to the bottom of the GALAXY


If you are lucky enough to find it.
Do not miss the opportunity or you will regret all your life.
Today there are still a small production and new models come in drop by drop.
It appears that components other times are nearly exhausted, and designers of this marvel are better for us to release new EMS with more or less the same characteristics.
A yes if you want a new one I think there are more than 10 years of waiting.
False leave a deposit that check is not cashed.
And hope that the zero at the end of the check you do not eat potatoes shoed all your life
a wonderful site here http://www.thesynthi.de/index.php?/categories/20-Manuals
At last it was sold new on ebay a VCS3 over 13000 euros
A little video for the curious with the monster.
Welcome to the Machine of floyd is not far.