Moog Music MiniMoog
Moog Music MiniMoog

MiniMoog, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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ct 03/15/2014

Moog Music MiniMoog : ct's user review

«  A good old machine! »

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Monophonic, 3 octaves 1/2, used with a Pro-Solo in CV-Gate (added post-purchase) non noon at the origin. no effect, not possible backup, so it's ultra roots. 3 oscillators particularly unstable (Model D) and a noise generator, heater recommended 1 hour. 1 legendary filter, 1 envelope ADS and ADS filter envelope for the VCA. Modulation by the 3rd oscillator or the pro-solo. Possibility of feedback, then the sound becomes close to a big, distorted guitar: D


No need for manual configuration is VERY simple because monophonic synth with fairly limited possibilities, but sufficient. Editing sounds is very simple facade.


I make electro and techno. The Minimoog excels in these styles. The sound is incredible, warm and alive. Unfortunately I do not use keyboard because I'm not good keyboardist. However, the modulation elements to allow tt pretty well interpretations. No aftertouch (not available at the time), and no velocity either.
This synth excels in low and hot pads, recommended to the funk / disco ... and right techno and cold!


I use since 2003, is the first model of this brand (and only) purchased.
What I like most: sound, potatoes, grainy and warm side, even distorted and unpredictable sound that makes human (almost).
What I like least: it is aging badly, buttons lose their accuracy and crunches are increasingly present. I did review, but only half as it is VERY expensive. As it is heavy and can not bear to travel.
It may be a bit expensive today because some vst (admittedly heavy cpu) 10 times cheaper arrive at a sound VERY close (I made the comparison, and I was amazed)
With experience, I rather would buy the travel, but beyond my means. That said, I also lose the unique sound of this model D. So I'll keep it until I die.
This is by far my favorite synth.