Bose L1 Compact System
Bose L1 Compact System

L1 Compact System, Array Speaker Cabinet from Bose in the Live Sound series.

jetlag 09/25/2013

Bose L1 Compact System : jetlag's user review

«  Perfect for my use »

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I'll try to have a considered opinion without falling into the anti bose obtuse and fanatical fan marketing Taliban. So I ask those who read this review to keep a head reading the triptych price / quality / use

I am a singer and guitarist soundman a pop / rock. Was repeated once a week and we made a couple of dates a year - we are not beginners but not pros, we all midlife and we love the quality of both the sound of the instruments. See lmes comments in the forum on the conditions of use.

How long have you use it?
2 years in the first instance, I bought one to put in my rehearsal room of approx. 35m2 for lead vocals, both singers and keyboard. The Amp guitar, bass and drums are not transplanted. After a year, the resulting sound corrspondant our expectations, I bought a second for small prestas by providing us our big sound and our four returns.
Bottom line, we do our dates with indoor and outdoor, and it holds up to 150/200 people without worry. Voices, keyboard and bass are transplanted. Bass amps are managed separately.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The modular concept, it's not heavy, it fits in 10 minutes, we need returns, it is broadcasting, it does not take place on stage (or in the car) and it is not ugly at all and it does the job in sound term. 'Tention, we are not attorneys in the pro gear, whether it be clear .... but again, it does the job ...
What I like least is the plastic side struts. it's a little fragile, but at the same time, once in place, it no longer intended to move.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Well, it's been 25 years since I make music and I saw a few sound systems. The big shits and much better. None amounted / dismantled in 10 minutes while the job! However, in terms of more ambitious ds scene, do not think about it.

How would you rate the quality / price?
While there, € 1,000 for an individual, it is a little Chero and a pro, it's nothing. for the group, so we have two € 2,000. Overall, since it replaces returns, amps and a facade, I would say that by adding the concept, rappport Price / Quality is excellent. I remind those who dismantle their gear after a three-hour concert at the good memories of their back, legs etc. ... where you fall in the sound ten minutes and hop in the trunk of the body.
Overall, we happened to lend us see a small van to rent ... it is finished.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
It is said that by not buying a third and a fourth to increase our capacity for listeners.

Well, not feel free to PM if you want to know more.