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  • Nexo geo s 12

    Nexo geo s 12 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by locasson/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hello, I had the opportunity to listen to it during a demo for a location that needed a new system. Configuration: four GEOS12 forming a horizontal cluster on each side of th…

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  • Nexo geo s 12

    Nexo geo s 12 - labricox's review


    I use a Geo S12 system in my room ,.... I'm trying lots of things, nothing to do, it sounds not .... Yet the room sounds great acoustically. The amps are EtherSound, the M7CL is externally by a clock Big Ben. I put the front fill, or not ... …

  • Nexo geo s 12

    Nexo geo s 12 - samesong's review


    APRS use this Systm have several benefits in rooms fully diffrent with trs diffrent config also, I think we do have a system that will be placed in r Frence in this range of line array means. What I like most and what is its first brand FLEXIBILIT…

  • Nexo Geo T4805

    Nexo Geo T4805 - trioscopL3P's review

    05/07/07 …