Audient user reviews

  • Audient iD44

    Audient iD44 - "A perfect interface for its price"


    Disclaimer: as I am mostly recording acoustic music and material, this review only intends to apply to my own use and needs. I also use VSTi virtual synths but probably not as often as someone recording electro. My computer’s setup: AMD FX 8350 p…

  • Audient iD14

    Audient iD14 - "A great move by Audient !"


    My config: Mac mini, core i5, Yosemite. For what I can tell, the interface is surprisingly heavy, its weught is quite important for such a small box, the two preamp knobs are hard to turn (a good point for precise settings) and the left knob (whic…

  • Audient MICO

    Audient MICO - "The preamps rock!"


    The Audient MICO is a 2 channel mic preamp that is compact and has some really solid features for the price. This would be one of my first options to go with if I was starting my career all over again and wanted a smaller desktop style interface. Th…

  • Audient ASP008

    Audient ASP008 - moosers's review


    The Audient ASP008 is an eight channel microphone preamplifier.  The unit has both ADAT connections and XLR inputs.  It also has 1/4 inch inputs in the front for each channel and will only take up a single rack space. UTILIZATION Using the Audient …

Translated user reviews
  • Audient iD22

    Audient iD22 - " Perfect!"


    Build quality, preamps and convertos. For more information, look on the section of the forums dedicated to this card. UTILIZATION Driver ultra stable mac, not tested on PC. A latency of 64 samples (3.4 ms) with lots of native plugs (like Mona…

  • Audient iD22

    Audient iD22 - Leulapin's review


    I took it for a CS with usb connection with good preamps and volume controls easily accessible. This is the home studio on windows out in focal CMS65 jack. I go in for shure sm58 and mainly with a guitar simulator line6. UTILIZATION I use wind…

  • Audient Sumo

    Audient Sumo - " bluffing"


    adder 16 tracks with compressor and limiter, insert two points, one has 4 inputs switchable to mono optional card A / D UTILIZATION the summation in n is not complicated ... settings of compressor and limiter are plenty of other similar produ…

  • Audient Centro

    Audient Centro - " The best quality / price"


    I own it and uses it for several years. I have owned and used by SPL MTC for several years. I had the opportunity to work with the Big Knob Mackie and 2Control with the SPL. The Centro is very thorough and extremely well designed. The D / A con…

  • Audient MICO

    Audient MICO - " Good preamp, DI Good"


    Double transistor preamp, iil has a Hi-Z input on channel 1 and entry combo XLR / Jack. Two line outputs, digital outputs 24-bit AES, S / PDIF coaxial and optical, the sampling frequency can be chosen at the rear 44.1 / 48 or 96kHz, it can also be…

  • Audient MICO

    Audient MICO - " A real bargain"


    everything should be for me apart from the insert that is not necessarily a concern for a share sessions with beginners who do not take up UTILIZATION hard to make as simple and intuitive look we all understood SOUND QUALITY is a true own cas…