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  • Barefoot Sound mm27

    Barefoot Sound mm27 - moosers's review


    The Barefoot Sound Micro Main 27 comes as single studio monitor that can be used for use of any type. I've used a stereo pair of these 3 way monitors. It's extremely unique in the fact that it has speakers on all sides except for the back. This is…

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  • Barefoot Sound mm27

    Barefoot Sound mm27 - " end questions"


    the quality premmier place (precision, scale, lack of color) SOUNDS the curve is flat. the color is constant for all levels and dynamic extent absolutely staggering. wide and accurate spatial image. low mastered - this is the main feature…

  • Barefoot Sound mm27

    Barefoot Sound mm27 - PanoraMics's review


    I was motivated because he is 3-way active speaker with built-Subs. Goodbye cauchemerds's investment sub! But the power of beasts égalzment over 800W. I must say that I've heard this before ordering me completely stuck. Usage: Enregeistrement, mix…