Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus

CE-2B Bass Chorus, Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger from Boss.

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iamqman's review"Simple and cheap"

Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
This would be one of the earliest bass choruses on the market. Many Boos pedals though look the same are made in different countries. This occurred a lot during the 80's when they would switch from the the factory in Japan to the factories in Taiwan. People also claim that they have a slightly different tone as well. More than likely they do as production methods vary from place to place. Just as much as sometime two of the same amps or even guitars can vary in tone and feel.



Controls: Rate, E. Level, Depth
Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 10 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 400g/0.88 lbs.
Input Impedance: 47 kOhm
Residual Noise Level: Less than -100dBm (IHF-A)
Recommended Load Impedance: 10kOhm or greater
Recommended AC Adaptor: ACA Series (green label) or PSA Series

Only three control knobs change the variance of this pedal. You had a rate, level, and depth control knobs. The rat was how much the affected signal changed or added the modulation to the signal. The level was the overall volume of the pedal, and the depth would simple add dimension and how the pedal will produce the inherent character of the modulation.


The tone of this pedal can either play a great effect on your bass tone or it can give you an annoying effected sound that you will eventually turn off or throw off your pedal board. The tone can be as subtle or as pronounced as you need it to be. This was a popular pedal in the 80's since the heavy use of the reverb on drums and chorus on guitars and bass to expand the dynamics or spectrum of tone within many recordings.

I like to use just a slight bit of chorus to my bass tone because it just adds some needed color to the tone which expands the smoothness of the bass. I like it to stay on most of the time so it usually is in front of my amp's input.


These pedals have now been discontinued and a newer more versatile product is now on the market. This would be a nice pickup if you can find one made in Japan. They both have green labels so you would have to physically look at the place or origin.

I would recommend this pedal to any bass player who is not happy with his dry tone and needs some help glamorizing his bass rig. It can be added for subtlety or it can dominate you tone. Either way it can be a very cool pedal.

moosers's review

Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
The Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus is a bass effects pedal that was originally made in the 1980's. They're no longer making this pedal, although I don't know how rare it is or not. The pedal has the standard Boss pedal make up, with 1/4" connections for input and output, and nine volt power being required from either a battery or power supply. It isn't rack mountable as it's a stomp box.


Using the Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus is really simple, as it's only got three parameters to help you affect the sound. These parameters are for effect level, depth, and rate. These are pretty standard parameters for a chorus pedal, so if you know anything about chorus you should feel right at home here. A manual isn't necessary, nor have I seen one for this pedal.


The Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus is a unique chorus in that the effect is only applied to the harmonics rather than the original fundamental note being played. I don't know if this is done to only this bass effect, but it's a technique that works really well since it keeps the fundamental note in tact so it won't lose any low end clarity. Often I find that many bass effects get muddy, and this is not the case with the CE-2B. While I'm in general not a huge fan of bass effects, I do really like this pedal because of the aforementioned reasons that results in a very clean effected bass. I like it best for subtle chorus on the bass, but you can also get pretty crazy with it if you'd like.


I haven't used all that many other bass chorus effect pedals, but the Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus is definitely the best one that I've used. It has a much cleaner sound that most of the bass effects that I've used out there, chorus or otherwise. While I don't know how realistic this effect would be to have in a rig, it's awesome to have around the studio for experimentation purposes and otherwise. If you want to add a great sounding bass chorus to your bass rig or studio, the Boss CE-2B is the way to go!
Doktor Sven12/23/2013

Doktor Sven's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful Chorus Bass"

Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
Boss pedal effect ... one available because the chorus :)
100% analog, which is the most basic Boss format.

3 controls: rate and depth as on all modulation, and Effect Level for the determination of that chorus against clear sound.


Simpler you die. I got it used without a manual and I do not know what could possibly manual this pedal and what it could provide essential info like.


The sound ... ah the sound! Once you know where you put your feet: Boss chorus 80s, analog, warm, powerful, this ...

The "rumor" says that this is the same circuit as the light blue CE2 become legendary in the hands of Andy Summers (The Police), with only the effect level in more ...
Well, it is clearly in those waters in sound-term anyway.


The best chorus for bass? He will most versatile, there are more extreme, this one is very typical that is true.
But it is just beautiful, cheap, indestructible ... what else?

MetallicRiffer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
Analog Chorus (?) Format pedals.
3 knobs: speed (rate), depth (Depth) and level of effect (Level E)
Mine is a MIJ (I do not know this is the case with all of the pedals from Boss SERIES brown)
Quality manufacturing irrprochable (Boss what).


Setup could not be more simple (three knobs, it is a Grable!)
I put the Depth and Level and the bottom rate to 1 / 3.
The manual? Ah ah ah! Good joke! ..


The chorus is beautiful trs (fawn all I am a big fan DEFINITIONS chorus of Roland / Boss) and still trs discrete (it's for a while I put the bottom!) And blends beautifully in the mix (even a little too).
Arpges in the upper strings is wonderful and food does not at the signal or the spectrum of the bass.
While it is mono, even when we feel it broadens and spacialisation signal.
One of the best bass chorus for me, if you love the grain effect Boss.


I have 2 years and I headed directly for it is the one I knew what I was looking more and I had a good OCCAZ 'above.
For 30aine euros OCCAZ 'the ratio Q / P is one of the best ever!
Yes I do it again this choice without problem, even if now I do not need all these pedals.

j-bass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
Analog chorus pedal to format.


Three potentiometers, amplitude, rate and volume of dosing.


I play on a low. The sound is very good. No breath, clear and prcis.
The same effect max remains tasteful and exploitable.


A very good analog chorus in the final, for a pedal the quality is very good and has the advantage of simplicity. The sound integrates well in the mix and still knows how to be discreet, which to me is an advantage.
A budjet equivalent choice I would do without problem.