DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

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FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus, Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger from DOD.

5 user reviews

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: DOD
  • Model: FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
  • Category: Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers
  • Added in our database on: 03/26/2004

The FX63 Deep Freeze was based on the FX64 Ice Box's circuit, but voiced for bass guitar and with a blend control. Like the FX64, the FX63 is an analog chorus, using a MN3007 BBD chip. Two cosmetic variants were made, with the second version featuring the "real" control names above the knobs. The FX63 Deep Freeze debuted at Summer NAMM 1996, replacing the FX62 Bass Stereo Chorus, and remained in production until 1998.

  • Controls: Chill (blend), Cold (speed), Deep (depth), Defrost (high e.q.)
  • From the manual: "The FX63 Deep Freeze is a specially designed bass chorus with crystal clear high end. The Deep Freeze has been fine-tuned for bass guitar to add dimension and width to your sound. Extra time has been taken to create the correct type of LFO that sounds great at all speeds. So change your bass sound from blah and "clinky" and give it breath-taking, crystal clear images."
  • Suggested retail price (1996): $129.95
  • Technical info:


  • Notable IC chips: one MN3007 BBD chip driven by a MN3101 clock generator/driver CMOS chip, four 4558-type op-amps
  • Internal trim pots: none
  • Component-side circuitboard images: June 1996 February 1997
  • Related circuit: FX64


  • FX heritage: FX62 FX63

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus user reviews

Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money :

iamqman's review

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
The DOD products are very inexpensive and decent sounding for the money. They usually make their products very user friendly and easy to use. You can find their units just about anywhere you can find effects pedals for guitars or bass. DOD has built a reputation of having competitively priced pedals that sound ok for the money but not very reliable as far as road worthy tested.


The unit has the basic four functions that you would see out of most bass chorus pedals or even guitar chorus pedals. You have level, speed, depth, and HI EQ which that control features is somewhat unique to this pedal but certainly not as far as pedals in general go.

The level will switch your overall volume for the effects pedal. The speed will control how fast the modulation reacts in the unit. So if you turn it all the ay up you get a rotation sound like a leslie or a vibrato sound. The depth will control how the modulation effects the psectrum of the tone which essentially changes the 3D sound or how much the modulation covers the overall tone. Sort of like a mix knob but a bit different. The HI Eq will change the highs in the frequency which allows you to tailor the tone accordingly to your preferred bass guitar or the amp you are using. This feature sort of shapes you overall voicing and thickness of the pedal used.


I am not really that much of a fan of this pedal. Though while the pedal is certainly useful the overall tone is not that pleasing if you understand the nature of the chorus pedals in general. Chorus pedals have a lush watery quality to them that adds almost a second guitar or instrument to the tone. This pedal adds an effected signal but not in terms of what you might hear from more higher quality products.

The tone overall isn't the lush rich chorus tone that comes from say a EBS or Electro Harmonics pedal. Those tones within those pedals are much more usable in a bass rig. This pedal certainly is usable but you woulnd't want to feature this pedal or tone in your overall bass tone.


These pedals have since been discontinued and the used market is the only way to go to get one. You can find them well under $100 on the classifieds or ebay. I have seen them go for right around $70 or so. Not a bad price for this pedal to take a try and see if you enjoy the tone.

I would recommend this pedal to someone who needs an inexpensive bass chorus and only wants a subtle change in tone and not an overall dominant effects modulation to the rig.

moosers's review

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
The DOD FX63 Deep Freeze is a stereo chorus pedal designed for use with bass guitar. It has a 1/4 inch input and two 1/4 inch outputs and is powered by either a 9 volt battery or a 9 volt power supply. It is not a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box.


The make up of the DOD FX63 Deep Freeze is really basic as it simply has four different knobs that each control a separate parameter. It has parameters for level, speed, depth, and hi EQ, which respectively are also labeled chill, cold, deep, and defrost. Good thing it has the real labels at unless I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know exactly what they were talking about! All in all, a very easy pedal to manipulate. I don't have the manual for the DOD FX63 Deep Freeze so I don't know how complete it is, but it really isn't necessary as the pedal is simple enough to use.


The sound quality of the DOD FX63 Deep Freeze pedal is about average, but is certainly useful and usable. I've only used this pedal for bass guitar, which is what it is designed for but I believe that it would also work with electric guitar or any other electric instrument. This being said, since it is specially designed for bass guitar I really wouldn't recommend using it with anything else. This pedal sounds good, but probably isn't suited best for the recording studio and is better for live shows because of its make up and average sound.


I've had the DOD FX63 Deep Freeze for about four years and it is certainly a good chorus pedal for bass guitar. It is really simple to use and while it has an average sound quality, it is definitely usable and is more than an adequate pedal. The price is the best part of the pedal as it is extremely cheap, making it a perfect pedal for the beginner, but has a suitable sound for levels above this. If you are a bass player looking for a cheap chorus designed specifically bass guitar, the DOD FX63 Deep Freeze is absolutely worth a look.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
Digital sound processing apparently based on the same engine as the x-series multichorus Digitech (strange, no?)
9v power supply connection for conventional
Stereo output
Very solid housing


4 buttons, you can not simple:
Chill: Volume of the chorus effect
Cold: Determines the speed of the "waves" of the chorus
Deep: Determines the height of the "waves" (their amplitude)
Defrost: To choose the level of "high-end" at the bottom to touch the crystal (very subtle) and zero for a thicker and fatter.
The manual is well built with good practice has been to provide examples Dod settings explained (watch it in English).


I could not compare with those from digitech and boss, but I saw the notice in which it was said that the boss n'arriavit not the ankle in the dod of "thickness" of the chorus.
With the appropriate settings, we quickly get sounds as varied by pushing the cold and the deep bottom, we have a vibrato, putting the cold at least the deep half, the chill thoroughly and defrost at zero, we have a very subtle chorus but add good depth in the bass, etc. .. I like the effects, only little shadow, I find that thoroughly defrost does not provide a very "sparkling", but hey, it's not necessarily essential.


More than the 3 ceb chorus, but at best I'm told. I would advise the buyer to just compare the digitech x-series and this model. I am very satisfied.

topeltonpek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
Chorus for bass!
9V battery or by sector.
input jack + output jack and a stereo output.
very resistant metal box.
Analog true bypass pedal.


Pretty simple to use, ca used as a chorus (very effective on low end!).
There are only four buttons:
-Chill: the effect of volume output.
-Cold: speed of the wave, the frequency bandwidth of eefet.
-Deep: depth of the wave.
-Defrost: the filter at high frequency. Gives more or less heat up the sound being quite cold, very crystalline ("deep freeze"!).
It is easily the effect that you want, but still need tweaking before.
We can even have a vibrato with, playing the button cold.
The manual is in English but for me it does me no good. You turn the knobs and found immediately the sound we like.


I could compare it with the BOSS Bass Chorus CEB-3. The BOSS is more complicated, gives a lot of depth to the sound. With the DOD, we can find subtle adjustments. On a fairly thick chorus chorus very bright and very deep. you can even reach the vibrato (a great bass!). It covers a wide range of sound. Very effective. We are with you want!


I use it for over a year and I much prefer the BOSS Bass Chorus CEB-3.
It is a chorus but it is unusual to give a lot of gloss if desired (with the Defrost button). that's what I was looking for. Unable to do with the BOSS. Unfortunately this model is only found used. Now we have to find a dealer! And the price / quality ratio is good.
I do it again this choice? I want to sell my CEB-3!

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  • DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
  • DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
  • DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
  • DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

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