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Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers user reviews

  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus - linkcommander's review


    Mono is a chorus or Stro analog pedals. Like all Boss pedals, it will not break the head, it is little prs Designed and indestructible. UTILIZATION The configuration is quite comfortable and allows a good range of sounds. We choose the dcalag…

  • DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus

    DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus - telemazap's review


    The effects available are good chorus Obviously! Technology numrique between a jack, two exits (for Stereo) UTILIZATION PDAL trs simple to use, is that turning the knobs to find the sound you want I know even more if there aun manual, there…

  • EBS UniChorus

    EBS UniChorus - kinder_guano's review


    PDAL chorus / flanger / pitch modulator analog "pseudo" Stereo bass. - In a two out, but (o "pseudo" Stereo) - Taking alim '9V DC (15mA consumption) - A switch activation "noiseless FET" - A knob of the effect of depth (Depth), an LFO speed …

  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus - Nonochapo's review


    The Chorus (CRER a slight delay and double your sound) analog Not ditables Audio Rackable rack, or I do not know! UTILIZATION Easy and intuitive especially for those who owned BOSS CRER a sound that sounds really n'st not essez dan s ma…

  • Boss BF-2B Bass Flanger

    Boss BF-2B Bass Flanger - manuk's review


    Flanger pedal compact mono Digital 4-way manual depth reso-speed in etout in jack + PSU UTILIZATION Extremely simple Single edition simple and effective SOUND QUALITY Flanger very clean well suited to low frequencies with a very pow…

  • DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

    DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus - Anonyme's review


    Digital sound processing apparently based on the same engine as the x-series multichorus Digitech (strange, no?) 9v power supply connection for conventional Stereo output Very solid housing UTILIZATION 4 buttons, you can not simple: Chill…