Ashdown Dual Band Compression
Ashdown Dual Band Compression

Dual Band Compression, Bass Compressor/Limiter from Ashdown.

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Average Score:1.0( 1/5 based on 3 reviews )
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dour2002's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown Dual Band Compression
2-band compressor pedal format
input gain, output volume
analog (a priori)
nothing special

if the buttons were actually good I would put 5 or 6 but I put a (for the pretty box Chrome)


The simplest setting is to not press the switch, that's where we had the best sound.
otherwise look for a compression without saturation does not eat low or no dynamics .. I tried after 20 minutes I got tired.

1 for ease of non-use.


Tried on a Cort A4 (also) and a Hartke HA3500 head, although it really is not my favorite amp, the sound was much more defined, Péchu and had more sustain .... NO effect.

then I can not put even a built-in compressor to the head did a better job.


I just wanted to confirm previous opinions, I said that I tried the pedal in-store (20 minutes). I had a digitech that costs less and although digital is a much better compressor than the latter (which is more expensive).
I could also use the limiter / enhancer that is worth the digitech boss (without having the same sound but that's another story) and so is a hundred times better than this.
I have nothing against Ashdown in particular I wanted to try this pedal because I owned a combo of the brand that worked quite well .. Always try before you buy (or not)!

B4553's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown Dual Band Compression
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
Compression ... in theory ... tested on a Cort A4 gold, the sound was my sound, 1:30 spite of various tests, the better without the effect ... concern.
The sound loses greatly in wealth ... it is the only compressor I tested leading to the (poor) results. I was looking for the compressor perfect for slap, and this is the worst!


The dual band configuration, plus an equalizer for a sound choice too bright and aggressive or deaf ... you can also leave it in neutral so as not to kill the sound.
The two knob compression can mute the choice of the bass or treble, pox to any part of the spectrum (royal!)
You also have two knobs / O to control the saturation level of the machine! What happiness
So disappointing if we tested a boss or an EBS before ...


Mediocre is a word that comes to mind when thinking about her that I managed to produce with the beast ... I hesitate, however, with execrable.


Tested 1:30 ... I did not love anything in this pedal, although the effect unwanted distortion can probably be exploited by a punk.
The price / quality ratio is obviously a shame!
I post this notice mainly to avoid terrible disappointment to someone buying "random" the first compressor.
I put all the same in a global opinion for the look of the machine worked ...

jembozzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ashdown Dual Band Compression
So-called dual band compressor
but in fact the stew


Trs simple
one branch has not sound
we lose the momentum, the clartbr /> on a saturated


Effects inextistants
compression acts as a saturation
used with my three basses, even rsultat (precision us, g & l, cort a5)
bis a real stew


I used a twenty minute story of trying to change the battery to see if anything has changed problem, but not
ds that mounts the gain between a saturated
ds that compresses the low frequencies, a saturated
if it compresses the frquence high, you lose all acute
the balance between the two bands gives you a choice of his sour without acute
or without the saturated DEFINITIONS without dynamic and always without acute
a horror vritable
I have a ebs I wanted to sell, but I will finally keep
was not worth either my dbx 166x
This has absolutely avoid MODEL