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All user reviews for the Ampeg SVT-II

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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bassairjaco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-II
Ampeg SVT II

My date of 1986 MODEL

For the record, the Ampeg SVT II is the successor to the fabulous SVT CLASSIC, rackmount version, and a graphic equalizer, and a little more lamps pr amplification.

Amplification any lamp: 6 lamps 6550
Pr-amplification 4 lamps 2 lamps and 12 AX7 au7

Rms 300 watts, while light, sending it's really heavy.

with my training, (7 musicians all drums, bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Sax, 2 votes) The volume's repeated phnomne SVT II 2 / 10. Above, we hear the world's largest ... This amp is intended more than the small local scene TIMES ;-)

the connections:

2 input, a "normal" and Bright (when the strings are a bit worn, I confess I do not hear much difference.)

Rear facing:
a polarity selector 3 positions

A Power Amp, a preamp In, 4 screws rglages of Bias (for lamps)

2 output jack for the speakers (which are plugged in PARALLEL) and a selector of impdence 2 or 4 ohms.

rglages are done all the classic:

1 volume
Bass 2
Midrange 3 (5 possible positions 220 Hz, 450 Hz, 800 Hz, 1.6 kHz, 3kHz)
4 Frequency intervenes by cutting or boosting 20 db on the "midrange" chosen
5 treble
6 graphic equalizer on / off (switchable with a pedal) on 6 potentiomtre

7 ultra-high (little square button that will press for a bump to 8kHz)
8 balanced out: pre or post if transplanted to a PA
9 Graphic Equalizer: either the triggers or not (6 strips)
10 Ultra Low: same as "ultra high" amplifies low Frequencies

11 Stand By: put the power tubes paused
12 on / off: Turns the amp tone ... really??

no effect on this amp


Very simple configuration for this "big" Bb!

potentiomtres all afternoon and presto!! Sound Ampeg in all its glory.

potentiomtres are all the "gradus" meaning that one feels a little resistance when they are running. they have a very effective action.

We can go a very sound "crystalline" sound very "heavy" playing on slecteur frequency drives.

The manual is very short, some type of rglage example, but it's really the ear DCID ultimately :-)


I play jazz-rock typ 1970 a little King Krimson, but Magma, Soft Machine ...

My bass Marcus Miller Jazz bass and Jacobacci Jb 200

I get my bass necessarily with the "sound"! There are no worries, my bass breathe fully This phenomenon SVT.

All sonoritsdveloppes by this amp is terrible, can be fair when slecteur frequency drives is set to "1" the sound is too full of bass.


Voil 2 months that I play on this monster.

A particularity: The amp is very very heavy (36 kg, just for the head .... :-()

What I love most: the sound! Awesome, I easily pierces the mix of the group, very low volume. When I attack slowly, a presence invaded the mix of crazy, when I attack and strong, the grunt of the lamps is made terrible, and all without ever touching the volume ... Using a facilitated dconcertante ultimately.

The report Qualitprix: Amplifiers Used necessarily that of any lamp, marked "AMPEG" Exceeds the thousand uro, of course. But we know what we achte, we can not afford an all-tube amp in the price of a transistor :-) )) And then once we branch forgotten the price and weight ... .

It calls attention, however particulire: Allow heated slowly (20 seconds into "standby" prconis by Ampeg before plugging lights) and when we finished the "vibrobassage" :-) , but cool before it displaces. lamps are so hot they are fragile! So Beware! This grandpa over 20 years requires careful particulire!

I had in my life Basseux, not bad amp, with lots of configuration Different. And what SVT II surpasses anything I could try and have, no worries. (Hartke, Trace, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg transistor, ect ect ...)

The sound that I always research I've finally found it.

I can only advise those looking for a big sound that kind of BBTE any lights ...

happiness every time you use it! THE BIG BIG SOUND!