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tokko 11/10/2013

Kustom KXB500 : tokko's user review

" Very good!"

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Value For Money : Excellent
-Transistor (Bang-Olufsen ICEpower)
-500 Watts @ 4 Ohms, 300 Watts @ 8 Ohms

- 230v supply
- HP Output: Speakon 1, 1 stereo 1/4 "
- Switch ground, lift
- XLR, balanced line out
- Switch pre / post EQ
- Line out volume control
- Tuner out
- Footswitch mute / effects loop
- Effects loop send / return

- 1 input
- 1 gain control
- 1 LED clip
- Mute button 1
- 1 LED mute
- 1 bass control
- 1 mid shift control 500/700hz (either one or the other only)
- 1 treble control
- 1 auxiliary input
- 1 headphone output (which cuts HP)
- 1 power button


The configuration is it simple?
Very simple.

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Largely clear and sufficient, but in English.

Gets it easy to sound good?
We quickly get a good sound, EQ is very simple and effective!

The power is there, it sends 300W already severe.


May suit all styles, it really depends on the type of coffee you use.
The sound is fairly neutral, it brings out the grain of the lower staff, we like it or not is a matter of taste!
I play bass Ibanez SR800 and Precision (passive) with a cab. Markbass Traveler 121h, 300w 8ohm power.

Finally I made a mistake on the drive of winning! If this one is not entirely an overdrive, it still gives a good growl / crunch, moderating the gain 1/4 before the end and the master amount a little higher.


The fan is discret.L appearance buttons is not cheap, good quality connection, it is very lightweight and compact.

Very good quality power / money / / sound!

If you are looking for simplicity and avoid spending 2 hours to set up and get your sound, it is for you.