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mattyeu 09/02/2007

Hartke 210XL AK Series : mattyeu's user review


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It is a relatively powerful speaker, for love against the ct mtallique especially false harmonics, I sent t = distortion, I play with a six string, I combine it with a 4x10 allumabass and fifteen inches clestion (certainly ending for the 18 'also) (um all in for double stro with the digitech 2120, Miami;})), it seems better to make the most of every type of speakers! A benefit standard weight! from the Alumabass ... of low volume or play is the one that I lug around everywhere! damage is no longer in the catalog! ;} (


The curve frequency drives, excelente on acute
The sound is crystal clear! ... with new ropes!


I use it for over ten years
J'apprcie the most rapid and rponse clartbr /> I have tried many other models before and APRS, for this purpose I do not change! There is another brand that I will not mention that the CNE is also aluminum, but I strongly deprecated trs (imprcis its lacking shine ...?) especially given the diffrence of taking
The report price is Excellent quality
I dj again this choice;})