Boss GT-10B
Boss GT-10B

GT-10B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-10B

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
 5 reviews50 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR12/08/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Boss GT-10B
(Originally written by bliss/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I just received it and tested it this evening with my system:

Bass: 5-string MM Stingray

Amp: David Eden RoadRunner

Speaker cabinets: 4x10" + 15"

Strings: good condition

Lots of great effects, simulations, etc.


Unlimited possibilities and intuitive use.

Large LCD allowing a very easy navigation.

Robust metallic housing!


HUGE sound... FYI I've played with a Digitech BNX, a POD Bass XT, a GT6b.

No drop-outs in synth bass mode, powerful and dynamic sound, nice distortion, mind-blowing chorus effect.

It's amazing! I will update this review after more testing.


I'm positively surprised. A great sounding device.

I recommend it if you are an effects freak.
Audiofanzine FR12/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Boss GT-10B
(Originally written by macsolo/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
See the official Boss website.

The loop function allows you to record a loop of up to 40 msec. and you can sample virtually endless loops over it... I've combined about 10 sounds.


Ultra easy to use, virtually everything can be edited, even the display properties... I didn't use the user's manual except for the recording mode.


The sound is very good although a bit too dry... But I play a RD500 bass guitar with a two year old string set... The pedal is very versatile thanks to the amp simulations and the editable frequency response curves.


I've been using it for six months and I'm very satisfied. The loop function allowed me to improve my improvisation skills. I like most of all the guitar solo and wah effects to compete with guitarists who get surprised by the sound of my bass.

Average value for money.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

(people who want to have some fun with the guitar solo effect add a Screamer and you'll get even better results

bass13100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GT 10B"

Boss GT-10B
Compact unit combining the essential editable effects on Pc via a free software on the net
Far costly than buying individual pedals but it must amend its by c. learned to play by playing hard to get access to parameters.


Very clear and simple configuration manual


Of heavy


9/10 for access to live that are not very

Papabass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-10B
To all these questions the manual is perfect.


It is generally easy to use.


Since it is made for bass, I used it with a bass! The effects are effective. But as all these machines, the test that kills you play with, then play without, and we realize that we are losing a good portion of the signal. Some say it's okay, you can compensate with EQ, etc ... But blah, that's convert mp3 to aiff, once it is lost, it is lost. I also tried digitech, vox, and others, it's the same. Although it is sold for the 24/44, the quality of converters is not there.


Given my previous answer I did not keep, such as 3 or 4 others I've tried. In summary, it is still the easiest to use and the best quality / price ratio. Faur but I found something else.
Turtle Bass07/23/2013

Turtle Bass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Brave beast!"

Boss GT-10B
I will not detail the characteristics of GT10B, see the product information sheet on AF and Roland website, but there are people in there!
The connection is largely complete and easy access, even in a fly-box. The PSU is outside and not heated.


Configs easy to use, but you have to cram the instructions fully capture all these possibilities. The French manual is comprehensive and well made, easily found on the Internet for those who are lacking.
Editing sounds is simple but eternal problem common to all cranks back pain, especially if it persists in edit 200 user patches ... The remaining 200 preset patches can also be changed, but recordable patches to users. 2 pedals and controls the expression pedal can add / stop / .. / one or more effects / loops / settings / ... for each patch. It is possible to add several pedals and controls external expression. With the organization and method, it becomes a powerful tool of control.
There are many possible settings, difficult to describe here without being simplistic, we must look at the instructions to get a glimpse and listen to appreciate it or not.
the display is easy to read, customizable and allows several modes of reading.
To go further in editing patches, I got on the Internet a small software made by a furious aficionados Boss products: it allows, via USB to PC, view and configure live on GT10B and save externally while the job is much more powerful than the official Boss software that only allows the import / export knew her. No more back pain ...
In repeated and on stage, robust and highly readable, even with a light on the nose. Mine is pampered in a "Tuna" (not a pretty name!), Good protection.


I use a 6-string fretless bass equipped Crel amplified in a combo Ashdown Mag300-115, directly in return effect, without the préapli "too rock" for my taste. I edited a dozen patches to play jazz / bossa with all options.
I also have some side sounds more responsible, hacked from the factory preset, and it's really great. The effects are very realistic, I was not a fan of OD / synth bass, but I let go, it opened my horizons.
Side noise, I do not, but I moved and correctly set the noises two gates in the two chains of effects and it is very effective, even with the patch using a metal distortion pedal on the pitch doubled align 2 channels expression. The sound ugly stuck in the box.


I needed a multi-effects type good working tool. I watched and listened to some video available looked Review AF (thank you) and read the articles found here and there. The Bosse GT10B me seemed to be the most suitable for my needs, and I bought it secondhand from a depth of bass that has made me an impressive demonstration with my fretless, I'd never understood as that! . I use it for almost 3 months and I'm really pleased.
I'm far from playing like a pro, but this has me doped. This is certainly not the top of the multi-effects, but it suits me very well and I intend to keep it long.
Value for money: 300 € in good condition with purchase, Thon and a nice demo bill! hard to beat.

FreddoOumpapa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Conquered: I had the same guitar!"

Boss GT-10B
See manual.
If you are not happy, you can add external effects pedal (or pedals or synth ...) and choose where in the effects chain.
Effective tuner.


Clear and sufficient manual.
Once we nabbed the shot to edit sounds so good. And I did not find it too complex while I went from almost zero in terms of effects. But there must be to spend a few hours.
There's something interesting for those seeking to qualify sounds: the effects can be on two channels (A and B, which do not correspond to the two stereo channels, but effects chains) with, among other possibilities, a sound " base "(a chain) and a more complex sound when played harder (2 channels ... or going from one to the other). For example, to make myself clear, I can play with a phaser normally tickling my strings and program that will add distortion if I buggers (to add or replace).
There's also way to program a kind of internal pedal, in addition to the physical present on the pedal crank.

In terms of scope to edit sounds, there really is plenty to do. And if by chance that was not enough, it is possible to add other pedals or as I mentioned earlier.


The factory patches are quite extensive, but I was able to create other types of sounds I was looking for fiddling. The "preamp" allow many different sounds, sometimes quite punchy, but sometimes with a little breath.

Moreover, about breath, I think it's the black dot. Black Point, but sometimes gray point only if the point clear, it really depends on the effects used. Sometimes there are no combinations that generate a lot of breath, or not much at first but as soon as you add effects such stereo chorus or delay, the breath is increased. I repeat: there is not always the breath, and stereo effects do not generate either certainly breath. But there are some unfortunate combinations that make things difficult when they are sounds that we wanted to play with finesse.

ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY: I highly recommend playing with a system of two amplifications otherwise I do not see what the point of having great stereo effects!

To return to the extensive research in sound, we can certainly go straight into the psychedelic but I think the pedal is suitable for any style.

There is no effect that I prefer / hate or that I would find none. Each effect has an effect, yes, it's true. And if you find such as lack or are not making as a pedal you know, then plug it on! But hey frankly, y 'already something to do!


I use it for more than 6 months. I hardly used other formulas for effects before (just a phaser) and I headed to this pedal because I wanted to be free to low-level sounds (even what we do not recognize that it is low) without ruining too much (330 euros with a rigid fly): I took this instrument after 20 years of complete stop.

Here I am equipped home studio. So I have other instruments including, guitar. Do you know about any effects device is connected? :-)

Levar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The so-called "four cables" WG 10 B"

Boss GT-10B
See other notices


See other notices


yes, realistic enough! even very good!


In recent months, very easy to use!

The only small comment I can make is this:
Try plugging the GT 10 B this way:
Input GT10B => Bass Guitar
Output / mono GT 10 B => FX Return of the amp

Note that this connection is derived from the so-called "four way". But as you will notice two plugs than enough! Please try and after comparing, share what you notice by plugging as described above.

trevellin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" wow!!"

Boss GT-10B
This is a multi-effects for bass.
he has an expression pedal for wah effects, wahmmy or volume.
patches can be edited via a computer.
this is a model that stands on the land.
technology is digital.


for those accustomed to the GT range boss, here will not cause any problems.
for others, it is worth taking the time to read the manual ...
it is not fundamentally an intuitive multi-effects, but, when one knows his material, from here all alone!


I found a very realistic effect in the individual overdrive and distortion.


I tried today to milonga and I really liked!
this pedal before then, I have not tried multi-effects for bass.
what I love most, all the sounds that I tried had a place in a given style of music, which changes the LCD other models (GT6B), being able to put on the same patch multiple effects in the same category (FX1 and / or FX2) thing that was not possible with version GT6B, the metallic silver and red contour panel that go great together an aesthetic standpoint, the USB interface , 2 XLR outputs for stereo sound on one, all that gives off a side "professional".
what I like least, and perhaps difficult to understand and take responsibility for a novice, it is necessary to read the manual to create patches worked well.
the price remains consistent in relation to quality and technology sold.
I honestly do not know if I will buy it because I want to try other multi-effects B9.1UT style zoom and others ...
meanwhile, if you buy it, you'll get your money!

skotcho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-10B
see official website boss .....


of the first uses, with knowledge of the average effect is style, usage is pretty simple .... it is always advisable to read the manual to use deepens ..
the manual is adequate but sometimes not very clear ....


sound quality is rather successful for a multi effects, despite the drought in his few ..... it always pedals mieu to have separated, but it's also not the same price ....


I use it for three months and I did more or less around the capacity to spend two or three hours a day .... I use the pedal before separating boss (synth, chorus, whawha) ...
the sound of the chorus is the thing for me .... the most successful cons by the possibility of live synth sound effects rather limited in comparison with the SYB-5 pedal .....( even if the saturation is superb on the gt10b) the loops is really a gadjet shortly be useful for playing or even that expensive ....
I personally find her very unnecessary ... they either make a useful loops or they do not put it .....
value for money is pretty interesting .....
I would experiment with the same choice ....

loloprat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" seduced"

Boss GT-10B
ok I use for my SAX.
malgrées the mere presence of a single-ended input, the dirrect out is quite impressive.
well as the balanced output mono / stereo insert loop in addition to the amplifier outputs, S-PDIF and usb ..
bravo: the pc / mac seen as an insert digital (pc / mac sees the gt 10 as a sound card, latency 7 / 8 ms ...)


Edition: one may laborious, but good AC going.

possibility of a desire chaining various internal effects, analog insert, insert digital spdif is really interresting

nice looper integrated, one can short 39 s (AC is not enough for a verse / reffrain)


effects and surprising some really interresting on SAX Octaver, synthesis, distos ... (Once refined);
I have yet to make a harmonizer réhussi convincing.
several switches Simulation amp, preamp, compressors, hp: no need for the sax.


after 15 days:
Friends sax: there sth Tirre really means some very interresting this machine has to love this codition stroll in the deep sub menus ..

SPX90 since my first 15 years ago, I used a tc g force, more prog MIDI in N'E end cubase, mainstage, and I have tested various brive tc helicon.
Despite some faults, prog laborious, no symmetric inputs not true bypass, no pc edition, some difficult thing paramettres accessible (tona of harmonizer Note)
Audible quality and diversity of true influence inpressionnante.