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All user reviews for the Korg PX3B

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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MGR/rawhide's review"Korg PX3B"

Korg PX3B
I began looking for a multi effects processor that I could use when our band meets and at home when I wanted to learn a new song or play along with a CD. I also wanted an amp/effect mobile processor I could use with my travel guitar when I am out of town (about 3 days a week). I searched on line and found one for about$200. AS time goes on they can be found cheaper than that.

The ability to play a CD and fill in on the Bass part (low range is muted) is a lot of fun and helps get a great sense for timing and emphasis the Bass plays in any new song your trying to learn. I also like the Phrase recorder which allows you to loop a portion of the song from a CD or from my guitar then play it back and work on the bass part until I get it down. The Rhythm tracks are also a real plus, and although the PX3B is specifically for the Bass, I use it (as my amp/effects)with my Traveler guitar on the road with a set of headphones.

The batteries don't last long and I recommend that you get power adapter and use the back lighting only when you need it while using the batteries. I which you could use the rhythm backing and phrase trainer at the same time. When you use the Phrase trainer the Modeling effects are somewhat muffled or muted. I am sure all of the above have to do with the amount of processing power and the need to keep the unit small.

The unit is pretty well constructed and has survived several drops as well as traveling in a suitcase for over a year. I was amazed at the sound it could generate from such a small box and I think it will serve me well for years to come. I have yet to spill any liquids on it, but I think it would handle minor amounts of moisture.

I think anyone with a bass guitar needs to have the Pb3x if for no other reason than to be able to be the bass player on any CD you want to play. Unlike playing along with a CD where you have to fight to be heard or overpowering the song the unit will mute the Bass and you can blend right in with just a little tweaking. Of course being able to plug in head phones and not have to fire up your amp will be appreciated by friends and family and the price is great for what it offers. Especially mobility.

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linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX3B
Multi effects of pocket. but truly handheld.

A bunch of effects of SERIES Tone Works (the one that the team Vox)
of rverbs, of delays, the flange, chorus and dynamic effects (compressor ...)
+ Rhythm loops to work (absolutely ugly)

REMS technology (Korg - Vox)
Modlisation numrique

Everything is paramtrable but regrets the abscence of a switch as the pedals. Finally it's compact trs.

Jack connectors 6.35 "mono input and output + Stereo auxiliary input (cd ...)

Rackable in a standard pocket of your trousers or jacket (hihihi)


So easy to program, has an effect module enough for a bass.

What add a little reverb or flange to play the Pink Floyd ...

But hey, the effects of a low limit is enough any fawn.

Manuel never opened.


Raliste effect?

Yeah, the flange closely resembles a flange and rverbrations work. Point bar.

On a low, a ring. I have not tried on a broom brush.

I use it primarily to add an effects box pace. L is a hit.


For 2 years I ride with.

It is small and more than enough if you have a good amp.

I tried a bunch of racks of the cheap affordable. The Pandora me.

He t replaced by version 4 ... and the ending for sure 5.
It works CORRCT. That's perfect.

Over time, has allowed me to see that outside the ambience effects (reverb) I do not use much. But in cases where it is.

tofe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX3B
It contains 6 multi-effects bass modlisations amp, fuzz, distortion, octave, chorus, flanger, delay, qualiseur 4-band, noise gate. All in a box barely bigger than a laptop softphone.
An entry for the bass, an auxiliary input for CD or bote rate, headphone or amplifier, uses 4 AAA batteries or power supply 9volts.
can record phrases of 8 or 16 seconds from the instrument or in between, contains a box with 50 preset rytme. This device is also acts as a tuner.
The paramtrage of all is quite simple and does not pose any particular problem.


There are 50 programs that one can not change programs and 50 user-editable.
Each program contains a chain of seven effects that you can edit and which contain only one parameter.

Dyna <-> Amp <-> Equ <-> Mod <-> Delay <-> NR <-> Level

For each of the seven modules you can select only one effect

Dyna: Contains distortion, compressor and octave.
Amp: contains 6 amp simulations
Equ: qualiseur 4 bands
Mod: includes chorus, flanger, tremolo, autowah, phaser, pitch shifter.
Delay: contains the delay (up to 2 seconds) and reverb.
NR: Noise rduction

The manual is well explained but it goes fast enough, because the edition is fairly simple.


The effects are of good quality but it's not the quality of a POD. I use a Yamaha bass and a hard hat, or sometimes a Fender amp frontman 25B (directly on the output of the effects loop).
If one wants to CRER sound, there are many possibilities.
Note that I test a guitar that can be easily CRER INTERESTED few presets for guitar.
For the box rhythms can not be rgler the tempo and level of output, I found the 50 presets n'taient not extraordinary.
The tuner is against by trs prcis and stable, we may as well give a guitar a bass.
Here is a link to the site with some Korg sound samples:


I use it for a week, I bought used for about 80 euros.
This type of product is excellent for what is asked for work at home with headphones, with possibly a rhythm box, or CD. Please note bass canceling function that allows to cancel the bass on the CD and play it up, I did not test.
The effect of scne or repeating? why not, but the product is lightweight and will require careful not to drop it, plus it's no pedals, and I do not see how a rglage between 2 pieces the buttons are too small for that.
For me the box features rhythm and phrase trainer can have only of interest, but it is a personal opinion. The Phrase Trainer slows down the speed of the sentence without loss of tonality to the dchiffrage.
I did not test the PX4B, but with the sheet doc, I can say it offers the same features as the PX3B with a ten amp models, a synthesizer, simulations loudspeaker, a box 100 with more sophisticated rhythm pattern and the possibility to chain up to 8 patterns, the simulationde fretless, the equalizer by potentiomtres accessible, and the IR connection for headphones.
The PX3 is really useful for working without trs Dranger person he replaced by the t PX4B brings new features, but still a bit expensive my taste (nine 240 euros).