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EBS Bass Wah-Wahs/Auto Wah-Wahs/Filters user reviews

  • EBS BassIQ

    EBS BassIQ - "bass players only"


    This is a really cool synthesizer effect pedal. It only works well with bass I think for the most part, this is kind of like an old-school analog synth pad, at least in terms of sound. There is a quarter inch input, and two outputs (use one for mono,…

Translated user reviews
  • EBS WahOne

    EBS WahOne - poufinou's review


    EBS is a Swedish manufacturer specialized in equipment for bass. Personally I am a guitarist. Many wahs are also used for guitars with bass. Why not the reverse? Try with this wah. - Fully analog - Tip rack - Mechanical switch - True bypas…

  • EBS BassIQ

    EBS BassIQ - Franck II's review


    It's a good old analog effects pedals plutt compact (70 * 115 * 35) trs well finished and looks plutt solid. It can be powered by a 9V battery, phantom power if it possesses an EBS amplifier and a power adapter that is not given (30 euros). UTILIZA…

  • EBS BassIQ

    EBS BassIQ - Tibo1987's review


    EBS BASS IQ Auto Wha Triple Envelope Filter Between 6.35 and output, power supply or 9V battery or phantom power EBS System UTILIZATION Prcise configuration, there are 3 modes HI-Q is an indescribable effect, very deep, produces a duck dmenti…