Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)

BassBalls (Original & Reissue), Bass Wah-Wah/Auto Wah-Wah/Filter from Electro-Harmonix in the BassBalls series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
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moosers's review

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
The Electro-Harmonix Bassballs USA is an envelope follower pedal, designed for use with both bass guitar and electric guitar. I've only used the pedal with bass guitar, so I won't be speaking about it's use with electric guitar here. The pedal has 1/4" TRS jacks for input and output and can be powered by a nine volt power supply. It isn't rackable as it is a stomp box.


Using the Electro-Harmonix Bassballs USA is very simple, as it only has a few parameters to control, and they're really the only ones you need on this as the pedal kind of does its thing by itself. The pedal has a large knob for setting the sensitivity, and a switch for adding a bit of distortion, and that's all you've got here. The sensitivity will make a big difference if you set it to three or nine o'clock. The distortion isn't all that heavy, but will definitely add some low overdrive to your sound. A manual isn't necessary unless you're having a technical problem, which it most likely won't be able to help you with anyway...


The Electro-Harmonix Bassballs USA is perfect for getting some simple, consistent, filtering going on in your bass rig. While I'm primarily a guitarist, I've played with a bass player who had this, and is definitely added a cool vibe whenever we would use it in this studio. I'm sure that it works very well with electric guitar as well, but like I said earlier I never tried it out so I can't say so fur sure. If you'd like some simple filter/wah type tones for your bass rig, the Baseballs is most likely what you're looking for.


Because the tone of the Electro-Harmonix Bassballs USA is so cool, I don't even mind having very little control over it. It isn't the sort of pedal that I would use all of the time, or even a fraction of the time, but when it does prove to useful it can really shine. The price is very reasonable, but they no longer make this version of the Baseballs, so you'll have to seek out a used one, which won't be hard to do. In general I'm not a big fan of effects on bass guitar, but the Electro-Harmonix Bassballs USA is definitely an exception.

MGR/Zac's review"Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls"

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
?? not to much, less than 100$

This thing is a great pedal. It is not really much of a wah, but its got its own unique sound thats kind of funky. It goes great with funk and i like the way it sounds in latin too. If you are looking for a wah, don't get it. If you are looking for just a cool sound get it. I love the way it sounds with the distortion on. It is so simple to use it did not even have a manual.

The only thing I don't like is that this pedal sounds really bad when you try and use a manual wah over it when you put the distortion on. If you keep the distortion off and wah over it, it sounds neat.

No comment. This is as sturdy as they come.

This is a cool pedal but not much of a wah no majaor problems or dislikes here.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls"

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
I wanted to add some new sounds to my bass playing.
I paid $25 for used one. It's the 80's US original.

unique sound great for funk.
doesn't cut low-end.
i love both distorted and clean envelope filter modes.

there is little noise coming from the unit.

solidly made of steel. no problems with the unit even it's about 20 years old.

it was one of my best music deals.

I play acid jazz music and some funk stuff, too. I use Fender Jazz Bass V and Ampeg B100R combo.
The unit works perfectly for me. It's even useful for guitar.
If it was lost stolen I would definitely buy another one.

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ewfspirit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
This is a filter, simply turn the knob to raise or lower the importance of this famous magic filter. There is also a distortion that makes outon effect can a dirty but it goes well for serious or Funkadelic's Bootsy Collins ...


Very simple as I explain above, there is a button to turn until you find the desired sound.


Funky wish. I think it will do better level filter, here we are at the top level.
Whether it's with a p-bass, a jazz bass or a stingray, it's extremely difficult!


Buy the!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
Effect 100% analog, filter + overdrive (very pushed)
Not ditable
1 In, 1 Out, 1 Power .....
1 Sensitivity knob, 1 mini Disto Switch On-Off, 1 On-Off Switch Effect


It is simple and clear, easy to use.


I use a bass or electric bass, always works is impressive .... an old but still NEWS effect.
Besides, I realize that it is in the cover of the electric bass .... this is significant: I think it's over .... it is the most crazy! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window My 2 friends love saxophonists (1 or 2 pieces .... after the surprise is pass ...)


Used purchased 55 euros, I rachterais course, I tried the Ibanez SB7, so nice, but less radical, the BassBalls is anything but discreet use as Super Glue .. . sparingly!
Veritable bypass .... my faith .... He eats when even some of her when I do not use it between two pieces, I prefer to remove the ... . but good!

Voil I think I have given my background ... think for that price, no inquitude, no risk, the same way, there is the possibility to change two parameters, there are trims in the box .... I believe that site name is lower ...
Grooves good! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window

Revoil me after a few months the BassBalls works perfectly well, she is all evenings .... variety (funky stuff, disco ...) and jazz (jazz when djant ..... even the purists probably turn my back ....), so why Revoil me ????
Ben because I contributed a few changes this purpose:
1: I dplac the switch Disto, I put the foot via a DPDT ... a hole about 8 mm, a little welding and presto! This makes two sounds at the bottom in addition to the activation of the effect with or without distortion.

2: I pos 2 knobs that contrlent dornavant 2 filters .... 100000 sonorits diffrentes ... well we exploit the box!

It's easy carry, care must be all the same disassemble a lot of stuff .... so gaffe!

I intend to keep it the same if I'm not a tent EBS Iq .... see ...


migoulos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
See Opinion of Grein, very complete.
8, because it would have been nice to be able to trigger the distortion with the foot (easily, I mean, because I do it anyway, no, no, not get scared, I am careful in my little selector !...)


Use could not be more simple and intuitive


I mainly use the balls on bass guitars. Eeeeh yes! And well, no offense to bassists jealous ;-), it can sound really, really, but then great!
May sound, because it depends on the guitar, actually. Historically, I discovered in bassball in repeated to prepare a concert of free jazz-noise-groove, and I had a Gibson L4 jazz, and there I was, "boarf, vouaisff it ... pffourstr mggngngnfr ... ... a little, and disto? ah? ah? mwouais is skrtstre mnon ... ... " therefore mixed. But with the guitar the other guitar player, well it did! So what, chsais to play or what?
I still ordered for the price affordable, telling me it will always be on my bass (ouioui, I am jealous as a bassist). And trying on my other Guitres (notably my Start), I love the sounds it produces insane!
By varying the sensitivity knob, you come to find something very fragile, on the verge of cracking, something that vibrates, which wavers between major release of acute or stay holed up in his den with his hair! (Or as a funky sound, eh, it's also for that). you can have a sound very nasal, skinned, especially after an overdrive. I also use coupled with a delay and a rotovibe to ... .. yes ma'am bubbles, bubbles!
With the distortion, we get a kind of wild animal roar of the mountains, something like "wywywiiiaaaooouuurrrrrrrglglgll !!!!.. oourglourglrglrgl !!... glgl" and that, it is still an effect.
And suddenly, yes, I prefer this over a scratch on a bass, because it eats less bass, just (for a low end, it's stupid, though, huh? ... Well, n ' exaggerate anything, it's not a low-cut either! it's huge on bass too)
I do not know if other things have the same effect, but I can make that 10, because everything is readable, nothing too!


I use it for about 2 years, I love its originality, simplicity, the potential wide sound, the sound type "but from where it comes out, this thing ?!?".
An effect quite "inspiring" in the end.
Quality / price ratio: well I know how much it costs them to manufacture, but it's still cheap and strong.
I can totally do without this, but I admit that it rarely comes out of my pedal board.
9 for the taking "mini-jack", and the slight loss of bass distortion, but that's quibbling.

Bassistuta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
A potion with a phaser switch disto
A big knob of intensity of the effect
Socket therefore requires a suitable power supply.
A little big (as always with EH) but sturdy.


C clear that we will not play a whole song to BB but for the timely boost = Ouuuuuuuuuh It's too funky in here!! as James would say.
Operation is simple over: a filter in the light phasing, CLIC with the distortion and right calf and left for the intensity. That's it.
OCCAZ not bought a manual but I do not know if there is one, even new.
In order to balance the funk that kills, you need this pedal (among others)


The effectiveness of the effect of your settings will and feeling of your game
This is a filter then you have to play clean, be it sounds. Do not blame the filter if c dégeu.
I use it with a bass. My favorite setting is =
Disto engaged and the wheel 2 / 6 of the race. No more or it gets rough and especially more so acute cooler. I like it hot.
Fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to give you an idea, it is the effect used by Sir Psycho Sexy Flea on the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik (if you do not know this album because you know that Californication and By the Way =====> Get outta here Man!)


Used for 6 / 7 months. Purchase without any regret.
C not very expensive. At worst there is a Russian version even cheaper.
I tried it one time and when I returned to the store, I bought it.
This is a funky thing.
Sold in December 06 as the duplicate of Rocktron Heart Attack

Ingmar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)
As I understand, EHX use two envelope filters that work in opposition. Everything RULES potentiomtre and a single switch on / off for the distortion.

The on / off switch s'opre with a true bypass!

Only BMOL the 9v connector is the mini-jack, not compatible with standard power supplies, then remove the soldering iron!


Plus there is no simple ... it's ultra easy!


So the funky!

I do not use too much distortion as it eats the grave, but I love the filters!


Excellent, from the power supply, everything is perfect ... the distortion might be a MRIT potentiomtre, but hey, I was on my heads.

I prfre the pedals my Q-Tron, Obviously it's different, but the bassball gives an effect in the same line but more suited bass, scratch pr freront far the Q-Tron I think.