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Hiwatt Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Hiwatt B60/12

    Hiwatt B60/12 - " I Fane!"


    Combo transistor 60W RMS. Speaker 12 inch manufactured by FANE for Hiwatt. Two inputs for low active or passive. Gain - Bass - Mid Low - High Mid - Treble - Master Volume Limiter Headphone output, two outputs for HP, one used by the speaker…

  • Hiwatt B100/15

    Hiwatt B100/15 - " combo simple and effective"


    100 W transistor Hp 15 "+ tweeter Input B Input B active and passive gain, master volume, 7-band graphic equalizer, compressor output hp Supp. Exit Line baffle-mounted "bass reflex"? UTILIZATION round sound and accurate effective cor…

  • Hiwatt Custom 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom 200 Head - hiwattdoctor's review


    All tube 220 to 300 watt rms according tubes Plugs UTILIZATION Very simple The most beautiful sound in the world tube SOUNDS Ap model: all for any purpose should play enough to know OVERALL OPINION 17 years of concert repeated recor…

  • Hiwatt B15/8

    Hiwatt B15/8 - aty666's review


    15W 2 input jack (passive force) 1 x headphones 1 volume A middle 1 Low 1 presence 1 treble A limit! Easy adjustment. UTILIZATION Easy to use, there is the sound you want very quickly. SOUNDS The predominant style …

  • Hiwatt Custom 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom 200 Head - rosefloyd's review


    All lamps 200 watts. Equal 3-band presence. 2 bright and normal inputs. Model AP ALL PURPOSE. In short we do everything with: bass guitar, keyboard! UTILIZATION Setting a very simple single channel, no distortion. SOUNDS Hula! What sou…

  • Hiwatt B100/15

    Hiwatt B100/15 - marcif's review


    -Transistor amplifier -100w An active-entered, another passive. -A is the artery that serves as an XLR for transplanting, and an output hp external -Gain, master volume and contour -Compressor (push-pull) -Graphic Equaliser (7bandes) UT…

  • Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head - century_child_2002's review


    - Tube amp only six EL34 with the famous Hiwatt Partridge made in the high-voltage transformer output - An input jack + output jack (to the input of another amp without) lamps ECC83 ECC81 + 200W announced - 4 output jack to combine various spea…

  • Hiwatt B15/8

    Hiwatt B15/8 - fellow03's review


    15W 2 input jack (passive force) Between a headset 1 volume A middle 1 Low 1 prsence 1 treble A limit! Rglage simple and offers a small range of its not too bad. UTILIZATION A string of options and easy to use intrrssent SOUN…

  • Hiwatt B40/12

    Hiwatt B40/12 - Plug-in-muse's review


    Combo Lower transistor Dlivre a power of 40 watts but not powerful trs No effects loop. qualisateur: 1 contour, 1 Bass, 1 Middle, 1 Trebble, a Presence. A gain knob, a volume knob. 2 between a HIGH and one LOW 1 headphone and other WHO 4-…

  • Hiwatt B20/10

    Hiwatt B20/10 - sdm78's review


    Hp 10 " 20w power 2 inputs: high and low impdance headphone output SETTING THE one volume 3-band equalizer control of prsence the rear speaker output Fabication Chinese bought 156 UTILIZATION Use of this combo is very simple and i…