Blue Microphones Multi-pattern
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  • Blue Microphones Kiwi

    Blue Microphones Kiwi - "great quality"


    The blue Kiwi is a great and high quality condensor mic. I think this mic is a phenom for instruments, acoustic guitar was awesome. Female vocal was also pretty awesome, clean, some make vocals are great on it if they are higher pitched. My rich bari…

  • Blue Microphones Kiwi

    Blue Microphones Kiwi - moosers's review


    The Blue Kiwi is a high quality condenser recording microphone. It has multiple polar patterns - cardioid, figure 8 and omni. It also has settings for in between each of those, with 9 patterns total. This is a great tool when you want to experiment …

  • Blue Microphones Kiwi

    Blue Microphones Kiwi - victormelamade's review


    They have one of these beauties at the studio I often freelance at, and let me just say this mic is just stunning. First of all it is very striking to look at, like most of Blue's products. It has a very unique and hip design that really catches th…

  • Blue Microphones Kiwi

    Blue Microphones Kiwi - " The perfect micro"


    - Dual-diaphragm capsule B6 handmade. - Static Micro transformerless output - Circuit Class A Discrete - 9 directional characteristics - Comes with the suspension in a wooden box. OVERALL OPINION I tried many models ... Chinese, the austa…

  • Blue Microphones Reactor

    Blue Microphones Reactor - " o /"


    Condenser microphone, large diaphragm, 3 selectable patterns. large (yes it is a feature!) OVERALL OPINION commissioned in November, received in February, tried in March. this is my first microphone condo. I had the opportunity to try out an acou…

  • Blue Microphones Kiwi

    Blue Microphones Kiwi - urbansailor's review


    Tried to catch voice is very precise, gentle, less aggressive than U87 excerpts "war" "Just Like Heaven" at: / sorryangelmusic recorded in a tiny room with the sound is really not good coupled with a UA 6176 but it works better with…

  • Blue Microphones Cactus

    Blue Microphones Cactus - ramu65's review


    I availing oneself of this microphone for only three days. Micro Electro-static lamp, 9 directivity. Test only on voice for now, it seems simply monstrous. A certain personality of its grain very warm vintage. Very soft in the treble, the s…