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Bontempi user reviews

  • Bontempi BT 705 System 5

    Bontempi BT 705 System 5 - "Bontempi's 666 sounds and so many models with different names... "


    There are many many models around this 666 sounds thing this , I think is one of the prettiest and is relatively small and practical. some of the sounds are pretty nice. rhythms and chords are cheezy but pretty well programmed. the des…

  • Bontempi MS-40

    Bontempi MS-40 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Polln/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Small analog synth/electric organ with: - adjustable pitch, - chord memory function when holding down the note (only for chords), - three different sounds (open to discussion) UTILIZATIO…

Translated user reviews
  • Bontempi HIT ORGAN

    Bontempi HIT ORGAN - psantoni's review


    See previous opinion. UTILIZATION Super simple, a real treat to play even if you do not know how to keyboard. You plug it strums is recorded, and it sounds direct ... SOUNDS The sound is captivating, charming, powerful and organic. Suitable f…

  • Bontempi MS-40

    Bontempi MS-40 - " A buy (really) cheap or rcuperer."


    A lil analog synth with: A 40-key keyboard, with a party "chords" o There's a few chords pre-recorded (by the way, it's a shame we can not play these notes the only), and part notes. - A slide for the volume rgler - A switch "chord memory" on …

  • Bontempi 13

    Bontempi 13 - " feet on an accordion, playing wrong."


    A reed organ blower and electric toy type, technology accordion. Polyphony limited by the air flow. A series of key major and minor chords and a series of lower left hand independent of the main keyboard. UTILIZATION Nothing simpler, nothing t…

  • Bontempi Europa Series ES 4800
  • Bontempi Hit Organ 3 Octaves

    Bontempi Hit Organ 3 Octaves - gwenmollo's review


    Any organ con, with a few chords. No connection UTILIZATION No manual. One branch is lighted, it works. SOUNDS The sound is not trrible ... these organs aged badly ... higher up the Aiguier, the lower the volume. OVERALL OPINION I have …

  • Bontempi BT 804

    Bontempi BT 804 - jong's review


    3 weeks its warm enough for a small toy Bontempi with imperfections that give it its charm. also its unique and difficult to reproduce with such plugs. I like the choice of sounds that t is on piano (ca remains to be cheap but that's what I …

  • Bontempi B3

    Bontempi B3 - gwenmollo's review


    Any organ con, ventilation, and two keyboard is gone. UTILIZATION It bases its rings. SOUNDS The sound is sweet, mlodica or accordion. OVERALL OPINION I just bought it on ebay (3ou4 new sales per week) for 10 It's plastic, but hey fo…

  • Bontempi HIT ORGAN

    Bontempi HIT ORGAN - **naPOLEoN**'s review


    Electric organ very simple with 8 buttons agreements left hand and a keyboard 25 keys right hand, he released a sound very close to the accordion, it looks like the one used on pieces of Bjork in "early" and other ... . Mine works very well despite…