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Boost user reviews

  • Boost MC-2x1514W

    Boost MC-2x1514W - " boost 2 bl 1514"


    c is the blaffles that I have always, as I have had before the army that is to say before 1997 ... and we are in 2014! ... still need to know the grind ... they are very good speakers, unlike other reviews that I have seen ... Now I have bought a…

  • Boost Gobo Flower

    Boost Gobo Flower - " Correct"


    I use a pair of these toys for 6 years to replace 2 moon flowers. I love the simplicity of use, once the microphone sensitivity was well set an autonomous effect, vivid colors, sharp gobos, and a powerful effect (elc 250W, 24V). I like less weight, m…

  • Boost WN-LASER

    Boost WN-LASER - " Correct for the intended use"


    The indicated price is that the pack including Astro, laser and smoke machine. As most of the material with a built-in microphone, it takes at least 95 dB to function properly. Interesting effects for a small to medium room (room type holidays)…

  • Boost WN-ASTRO

    Boost WN-ASTRO - " Good for small room and small party"


    Beware the new price of the pack including Astro, laser and smoke machine Test date. As most of the material with microphone, it takes at least 95 dB to function properly. good lighting power for the evening in a small room. …

  • Boost PA 2100

    Boost PA 2100 - " a shame"


    emblem trademarks zero a big boost crap!! nothing better buy this shit! full range sound is sucks! Attention young people do not waste your money on this kind of stuff …

  • Boost EPA 5500

    Boost EPA 5500 - " Pleasantly surprised"


    I use it for more than a year, this is a buying opportunity that comes from a nightclub, as saying that at high rpm every night for several years on pregnant Medium. +: Good power (there is 2x500W 8ohms sub), robust -: Large (deep finally, if it…

  • Boost BL 1220

    Boost BL 1220 - " For the price it goes"


    Quality small budget, yes, but these speakers are surprisingly solid, not cashing them evil, against the sound is rather poor, lay there certainly will not see the difference but the fact is: the lower it can go through against the mids and highs are…

  • Boost PRO 12

    Boost PRO 12 - " A bit too expensive"


    For the price these speakers are a bit expensive paid. It would more shock than I imagined, it has made us great service and the speakers are always strangely ok. Against by the sound saturates quickly past 13h. For small bar only, no kick or b…

  • Boost MC-2x1514W

    Boost MC-2x1514W - " Ok it's shameful but ..."


    Okay this is the shame of having the boost, we'll know who has never bought "early", I'm a shining example. Nevertheless, I still retained these two "refrigerators" in my computer room, that way no need to plug the cavalry EV for the "big sound" i…

  • Boost PA 2400

    Boost PA 2400 - " IMPEK - For its price"


    I bought this amp new in 1999. it was the first exit, commercilisation in 1999 - stop it seems to me in 2003. PA 2400 is great on every point: power: test in my opinion: 2 * 200 W / 8 ohms, 2 * rms and approx 275-300w rms / 4Ohms. - Real. br…