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Bose ToneMatch user reviews

  • Bose T1 ToneMatch

    Bose T1 ToneMatch - "The EQ is perfect"


    The Bose T1 ToneMatch is a 4 channel mixer with 3 microphone inputs, 1 stereo channel and over 100 presets built into it. After about a weeks worth of learning the unit in full, I started to mess with some of the effects and man there are some good o…

  • Bose T1 ToneMatch

    Bose T1 ToneMatch - " mixed ...."


    then ... no stereo output, ok, it's nice and it lands on the L1, but given that the L1 system is mono, and although the tone is a single match, it's a shame, because if we took the want to buy a second system L1 to give a little pan, and well you c…