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Elysia Software compressors user reviews

  • Elysia Alpha Compressor Plugin

    Elysia Alpha Compressor Plugin - "Very well programmed and modelled"


    Nothing to report. Or, yeah, by the way... the user's manual is very well done, it covers and analyses the settings of each factory preset, so as to better understand how it all works. Very useful to learn how to tame this beast, which may look unne…

  • Elysia mpressor Plugin

    Elysia mpressor Plugin - moosers's review


    The Elysia mpressor is a unique compression plug-in with a lot of control and a great sound. The plug-in is available in just about all plug-in formats, including in RTAS, VST, AU, and TDM formats for both Windows and Mac. This is modeled after the…

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