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Cort CL user reviews

  • Cort CL1000

    Cort CL1000 - "Cort CL 1000"


    i bought this guitar at a local shop brand new for $350. this guitar has great sound. it has a great neck for soloing, and the pickups really catch peoples eyes. the coil tap works great. its like having 2 guitars in one. i have played almost ever…

  • Cort CL1500

    Cort CL1500 - "Cort Cl 1500"


    I bought this guitar used, but in near mint condition for 330. I'm perfectly satisfied with it. I was looking for a great guitar, not so main stream, that absolutly kicks ass, and I am totally satisfied with the Cl 1500. Starting with the obvious..…

  • Cort CL1000

    Cort CL1000 - "Cort CL 1000"


    I bought this at a local shop for around $550 This guitar is rediculously versatile. The pickups are fitted with a coil tap, so pulling off acoustic sim alongside hard rock isn't any problem with it. I think I might like a different set of picku…

  • Cort CL200

    Cort CL200 - Dl71's review


    Made in Indonesia. 22 frets. 2 humbuckers. Tune O Matic with height adjustment cords included. 1 volume knob and 1 tone. 3-position selector. Simple and effective. UTILIZATION SMALL guitar. The handle slides well. Access to treble was…

  • Cort CL200

    Cort CL200 - julamarre0's review


    The guitar was made in indonesia (now the production is stopped, it has 22 frets medium, two double-coil passive looks "zebra" driven by a 3-position switch, a bridge-like tune-o-matic without stop- bar, poto volume, one tone. the handle is in two pa…

  • Cort CL1000

    Cort CL1000 - james49's review


    This is a guitar Corenne whose finish is very Russia.2 Mighty Mite pickups double alnico.Chevalet fk1 (type stop bar) .1 volume 1tonalit1 3position selector and a flamed maple switch.Corp acajou.Table e.Manche al acajou.Touche Rosewood 22 frets. UT…