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Cort S user reviews

  • Cort S2800

    Cort S2800 - " Cort S2800 a little larger than many major"


    Manufacturing Korah Wilkinson vibrato VS50K with his nut-bearing, Sperzel locking mechanical Trim-Lok, two guide ropes placed on the butt plate for the four middle strings Micro is if you like it with two Seymour Duncan single SSL and a double T…

  • Cort S2550

    Cort S2550 - " 10 years of loyal service" has images


    -Made in Korea Bridge-Wilkinson could be set in a very buoyant (I do not say it as well as a Floyd Rose, but was doing well we can make things very interesting ... NOT go out of tune) Nut-bearing Channel 22 screwed frets, rosewood fingerboar…

  • Cort S2550 LH

    Cort S2550 LH - darkt63's review


    IBANEZ handle type. UTILIZATION The weight of this guitar is misrable. SOUNDS Fits all styles of music. OVERALL OPINION Super little guitar lgre, handy. Channel type IBANEZ very end, a rgal for VLOC. That's good to explore all the techn…

  • Cort S2800

    Cort S2800 - CotesDarmor's review


    Cort makes excellent guitars for 40 years dj and it is clear that despite its provenance is not the Cort S2800CRS EUND of quality and intrt and rivals best brands (Fender US Std.) 22 frets, handle stocky, body Saddle flame of an exemplary finish an…

  • Cort S2800

    Cort S2800 - Classic30player's review


    Well, the woods utiliss pr pr not the body I c (o - c clear) but c bo, well done! The handle is in Saddle is superb! Mcanique Sperzel wraps' dores) Wilkinson vibrato (dor) 5-way switch Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan ssl1 1 Seymour Duncan JB (spl…