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Dean Guitars ML user reviews

  • Dean Guitars ML 79

    Dean Guitars ML 79 - "The Dean everyone thinks of"


    Dean guitars was started in the mid 70s buy a guy named Dean Zelinsky. They are known for their radical shapes. Dean had the idea that the more spread out the wood on your guitar is the better it would sound. They are also known for their V profile n…

  • Dean Guitars ML 79 F

    Dean Guitars ML 79 F - " Versatile Guitar" has images


    100% mahogany guitar, Gibson typed in neck 22 frets, 3 knobs: volume and tone x2. Equipped with a licensed Floyd Rose, Grover 6, 2 Dean Zebra humbuckers in HH. The finish of the instrument is excellent, no complaints from this side, a scratch at th…

  • Dean Guitars ML 79 Custom Limited Edition

    Dean Guitars ML 79 Custom Limited Edition - drummerfromhell's review


    It is a skyscraper Correne 22frets with micro dean zebra is a bridge crossing a rope 2volumes and tonalitbr /> end legeremen handle plutonium bomb UTILIZATION The handle is a true delight!! access to the AIS is very sharp thanks to the shap…

  • Dean Guitars MLXT

    Dean Guitars MLXT - Sdmf_cowboy_44's review


    - In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...): In Korea, it is marked on the head of the beast also - How many frets, what kind of micro and their configuration: 22 frets, 2 humbuckers with black hood resembling the EMG (but…

  • Dean Guitars MLXT

    Dean Guitars MLXT - scrophagist's review


    -The spices of this guitar are made in Korea and is assembled in the United States. Basswood body, one pice, Saddle sleeve 22 box, tune 24-3/4 " button in rosewood, mcanique Grover, Licensed Floyd Rose vibrato, 2 micros double brand BLAD…

  • Dean Guitars ML X

    Dean Guitars ML X - Nassos's review


    Guitar, made in china or korea (depending on model year). Koreen's are better. -Basswood body TBZ-color (vintage sunburst) MECAS-grover Micro-Dean (based on a priori SD) Canadian-maple neck bolted -Bridge tune-o-matic, string through- U…

  • Dean Guitars ML 79

    Dean Guitars ML 79 - deanman's review


    Tt e di o dessu! G ossi Koreen the model. (Ki dean micro tear!) UTILIZATION A handle 22 glued beautiful boxes with optimal playing comfort. access to super sharp, light weight! do not talk about it ... mm Khan and his o!! You sound like dim…