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ADJ (American DJ) Automated fixtures news

  • [NAMM] American DJ Spherion TRI LED

    [NAMM] American DJ Spherion TRI LED

    01/25/11 in ADJ (American DJ) Spherion TRI LED

    American DJ's Spherion TRI LED looks like your typical '70s disco effect.

  • [NAMM] American DJ VioMOON LED

    [NAMM] American DJ VioMOON LED

    01/11/11 in ADJ (American DJ) VioMOON LED

    The new American DJ DMX club effects - the VioMOON LED, VioSCAN LED and VioROLL LED are powered by a 10-watt homogenized LED source that’s comprised of 4 different color LEDs (red, green, blue and white) in one lamp.

  • American DJ Quad Phase

    American DJ Quad Phase

    10/11/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Quad Phase

    This LED moonflower can mix and blend 13 colors in all - red, blue, green, purple, yellow, cyan, white, light red, light blue, light green, light purple, light yellow and light cyan.

  • American DJ Revo Burst

    American DJ Revo Burst

    10/09/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Revo Burst

    The Revo Burst is a LED Moonflower from American DJ boasting a 46-degree beam angle and 294 LEDs arranged in 7 equal clusters that strobe and turn on/off in synchronization.

  • American DJ Hyper Gem LED

    American DJ Hyper Gem LED

    08/02/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Hyper Gem LED

    A 4-way DMX-controllable portable moonflower, the Hyper Gem LED creates LED patterns that gyrate and groove to the beat of the music.

  • American DJ Dekker LED

    American DJ Dekker LED

    04/21/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Dekker LED

    The Dekker LED from American DJ is a DMX-512 LED effect, designed to project red, green, blue and white beams from a grid of lenses that runs 5 high and 8 wide - for a total of 40 lenses in all.

  • American DJ Color Burst 8 DMX

    American DJ Color Burst 8 DMX

    04/21/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Color Burst 8 DMX

    The company has doubled the size of its original Color Burst LED RGB+A color wash bar, creating a new, elongated version, the Color Burst 8 DMX.

  • American DJ Xpress LED Moonflower

    American DJ Xpress LED Moonflower

    03/14/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Xpress LED Moonflower

    A moonflower effect powered by a 10W white LED light source, the Xpress LED is loaded with 15 gobo/color combinations.

  • [Musikmesse] New American DJ Products

    [Musikmesse] New American DJ Products

    03/12/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Vizi Spot 5R

    American DJ will display several new products at the ProLight + Sound / Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany March 24-27.

  • American DJ Punchy Revo Rave

    American DJ Punchy Revo Rave

    02/12/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Punchy Revo Rave

    The latest addition to ADJ's Revo Series of RGBW LED moonflower effects, the "Rave" weighs 9 pounds and features 162 LEDs (48 red, 36 green, 42 blue, and 36 white).