M-Audio ProKeys 88
M-Audio ProKeys 88

ProKeys 88, Digital Piano from M-Audio in the ProKeys series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio ProKeys 88

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evansien's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
Piano 88 keys, 14 sounds, can put them in layer (2 shuffled instruments) or split. Programmable reverb and chorus effects. Connectivity noon (in + out), USB, headphone, line, pedals (sustain + expression). Bass and treble EQ. Possibility of use as a keyboard matre.


APRS two years of use, I rvis my opinion on this point. No worries about the functions available which are generally well thought out.
The real problem comes from the touch that seemed to me yet honorable quality in the first place, considering the price of the instrument. However, when used in concert, I felt a great difficulty getting anything by playing the keyboard, o fatigue and frustration. I do not know more than this since I changed my keyboard (Roland FP4). In addition, two keys broke down despite the fact that I did not use the instrument of intensive Manir trs.


The sounds are overall quality of average, Rhodes is not bad. However, the sound of the piano (usually the most used is well below the concurrency and lack of punch, which, combined with the default of touch, becomes a real problem.


I ream the piano for two years and wish rviser the first notice I had given on this instrument.
It is suitable for use in keyboard matre complment or as an acoustic piano to work in silence.
However, it is not appropriate at all because its a concert utlisation default accumulate too many: this keyboard is cumbersome, unreliable (others have confirmed that they experienced problem), the Touch is approximate, it s'abme quickly because of a medium finish, the piano sound is bland.
The Ralite is that it seems difficult trs this award to a sufficient quality piano. I encourage you dpenser supplmentaires few hundred dollars to see The models in the Korg, Roland and Yamaha are on top of it all levels.
If you can not afford, The models of Casio seem a good alternative to the keyboard as well as n'tant forcment not a must (like the M-Audio prtend in its pubs for the ProKeys), they are more homognes.
Don Davis09/12/2007

Don Davis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
Dja discussed below, the key is Introduced and much thought to the stage


Touching quite pleasant though not gradubr /> LA configuration is as it gniale, Suprieure that of models such as the Yamaha CP33 which is more rcent. We have a immdiat access features such as layer or split.
I do not serve me MIDI
We use the manual for 1 minutes, time to assimilate spcificits particular display, and then roll youth!


The sounds are quite GPs regarding pianos, acoustic and electric. I dteste Fm therefore believes pianos. organs are good but not of church organ, as Hammond (both when even very DIFFERENT).
The rverb is nice but not enough to overcome a small lack of sustain in the N2 piano especially.
The expression is adequate at best, for acoustic pianos. But that does basically hit that rather tourns pianists to classic, while for the other instruments is rather good.
My favorite sounds: Wurlitzer and Rhodes
Those I dteste "pianos" FM, but this has nothing to do with this piano.


2 years, but I have Sparer me (see my annoce;) )
Most: its price, even at the time, its simplicity without being too "skeletal" /
The least: no church organ, its weight (about 23 pounds with flight without wheels ...)
No, I bought the blind, but later regret.
quality ratio very reasonable price
No I do not have that choice, I will wait to have more bl to turn to a pianode mid / high-end touch gradu his absence all the same as disabling to Chopin or Beethoven. Now, beyond AC, probably so ...

binbinhfr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
See previous posts


The touch seems very correct, even if it is not that of kawai that costs 2 times more ... While it is not heavier in the bass, but ... It suits me because I was looking for a master keyboard to touch heavy with some good basic sounds to use disconnected from my home studio, with simple piano. However it appears "harder" than other keyboards, it bounces a little less. Perhaps less easy to play fast trills and things like that. Try it then (but valid for all keyboards, right?)

Manuel clear, config is very simple, easy to use, easy to install the USB under Win XP.


Sounds very good, especially piano 1 and 2. In addition there is a 2-band EQ and some reverb and chorus to give simple but effective color.

The expression is good. It can do everything from pianissimo to fortissimo and that's what I wanted (ca change keyboard soft synths).


Used for 1 month in home studio.
I like the touch (a bit hard though), the few sounds effective, easy to use.
When used with a sequencer, a small problem: you can select the LOCAL ON / OFF by MIDI. This must be done each time by hand, but it is very easy: simply press two buttons at once.
Very good value for Q / P. In addition it looks solid.
I'm not disappointed.

NB: I come back a few months to bring a little Cons: The blue LED lights (very pretty incidentally) are not reliable: there are already three deaths. The rest works well.

tumblehome's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
CHARACTERISTICS prcises for the instrument, see the m-audio site. tlchargeable the doc is in PDF format.


The piano keyboard functions matre but the basic functions that are indispensable to me (rglage indpendant volume output for MIDI and local on / on both sides of the keyboard in case of split) are not available.
Pianists, beware! Touch is certainly heavy but has nothing to do with that of a real piano (or with a good numrique). We feel the press of fingers in the marshmallow a little hardened. However, the return key is too fast. It is difficult to trs dvelopper a game rich in nuances of this keyboard. I think the ProKeys 88 is fitted the same keyboard that sadly clbre Keystation Pro 88 (see criticism of this instrument). If you can dpenser a little more, especially Do not hesitate.


There is something I do not understand: there are plenty of sounds on the piano ralistes market for samplers, as Acustix for HALion instance. At the same time, the sounds of several plant numriques pianos are really totally invalid! Grand Piano sound ProKeys 88 is so little raliste it is unusable, especially in the octave of C4 to C5, one used the most.
The organ and rhodes sounds are drinking but that's not why j'achte numrique a piano.


Okay, the piano is not expensive but is seen all levels (sounds, MIDI, finishing, but also the feel of the keyboard).
I have tried many other instruments and I t sduit by Casio, which are even cheaper (better sound and touch that the m-audio). Unfortunately, these pianos do not function keyboard matre.
Even if the ds dpart n'tais I not convinced by the sound and feel of the ProKeys 88, I chose this instrument because it is equipped with Controller noon.
However, when I realized that most MIDI Elementals are missing, I quickly close the store to change the piano.
So I broke my piggy bank to buy a Roland RD170 which is a real rgal ProKeys ct.
I z o n10/15/2005

I z o n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
88-key keyboard heavy, with mechanical hammer: hammer action
16 different instruments, chorus, reverb, jazz, the effects are editable.
Connections: MIDI In and Out, USB, Audio LR, MONO audio, audio headphones, plus between pedals for toris.
Simple, simple, efficient, complete my mind.
I wanted a digital piano as similar as a real piano, so I have not beosin n of 10 000 knobs, but those are Submitted very useful and effective!


A super hit! really excellent! Mcaniques hammer, heavy touch, hammer action!
most similar to a real piano!
simple setup and convenient!
J used a lot for MIDI and c is very powerful!
but the card integrated sound is not bad at all.
No I have not read the manual, dsl, so I can not tell you if it is clear.
For me, the use of the piano lies in the simple notes, so the basic criterion was to touch the piano and c is successful!


The sounds are very classic and simple to use.
I find it very convenient to use the internal sounds on the keyboard, because they are of good quality but there is necessarily a lot of boost if you want to hear something.
the expression is excellent! He reacts like a real piano!


I got the nine for 550 euros and all those who test are awesome!
the touch is excellent and the expression too!
I've received the day and there is something I can not Sparer m!
It is robust, heavy, quality!
At this price There is no picture!

SabbanShow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys 88
88-key touch heavy, mechanical hammers.

16 + sounds superimposed a ride to the sound of bass (electric and acoustic).

Two bands equalizer with adjustable pots.

Possibility of Split and Layer on two instruments, with rglage volume of each instrument directly knob linear (very practical)

Minimum connectivity but quality Stereo output jack, 3 pedals, USB, MIDI
Overall, there is the bare minimum, but well thought out and RALIS this keyboard is not a gas plant.


Touch ... quite frankly! The dynamics is correct, is very well mcanique couraging. N'tant not a pianist, I can not really compare with an acoustic piano keyboard but to explore with many CONTRL entire array of shades and express themselves without restraint.

Ultra-simple setup, you press the key corresponding to the DSIR ... not need more for standard use, when using the keyboard part-Matra, a little more config is n sary, but remains simple and the manual is well done!

All buttons and pots are well placed, easy to ACCS, trs quality and correct.


The sounds are, overall, trs correct although few in number. Again, this keyboard offers little but good quality. Almost anything can play with these 16 sounds, but it is certain that it will turn to something else to sound more "synthetic". The possibility of "tuning" of the sounds are almost nil.

The main sound (Yamaha C7) is well equilibrated, despite a hole-mdiums dcevant to treble sound of the other tessituras Manir prcise trs, but an octave is surprisingly soft and without deep ..
The change of sample according to the VLOC is a bit too noticeable I got.

The strings are all that usable organs and EP trs are good, accurate bass. The Warm Pad is also got good trs.

The effects are, the still hyper limits: reverb and chorus, with 3 presets for each. That's enough to use the keyboard ..


The construction is robust trs. The keyboard is not deep but trs trs pais and is quite heavy.

The PDAL is provided trs good quality.

on the other hand, food does not inspire confidence, trs cable is short (barely enough to reach the base of my Ultimate), the same as the supplied USB cable.

Manir gnrale of the price low trs do not feel the quality of the hardware.

In conclusion, a trs good choice for most uses!