waxxmaster 07/11/2013

Yamaha TG77 : waxxmaster's user review

«  I do not regret my choice! »

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I do not think it is necessary to repeat the characteristics of the beast once again.


For my part I do not find very complicated to use, I have never yet had a yamaha before.

The use is almost instantly, I could load sounds in sysex in without great difficulties. The issue is quite annoying as many menus / submenus, but ultimately it's pretty organized, and we found it pretty quickly once you understand the trick to ... Well if the FM synthesis is not new, it is difficult to understand.

I can not give an opinion at the manual, I bought the product and Cygnus was not provided. That said I went smoothly, taking total work is done after a few hours (I'm talking in the case of a person accustomed to material etc. ... I understand that for a neophyte the use can be complex!


So it is especially the part that pushed me to write a review, I agree with almost all TG/SY77 opinion, the dynamics are excellent, convertos D / A to the hair, the sound is bright, the low round In short you happiness sound side.

I hesitated before buying this product (it was me in the eye for several months in a local cash express, and then I finally sold, I do not regret finally!) I was pleasantly surprised having a lot of much more recent than that stuff, that TG77 surpasses almost all dynamic levels ...

I'm not particularly a fan of AWM (completely out of this side, which is normal) but it is interesting to be able to use with FM synthesis. This is especially the demos sounds found right and left who had made me hesitate, but I love the fiddle sounds, so here it is served, the synthesis of the TG77 is rich in settings, there's the What fun. That said the basic presets are not bad to be, have there is typed sounds this time but perfectly usable today (they are people who return to the same mode).

Overall I love the color, richness and dynamic sound that emanates from this instrument, and I find it more inspiring than the much more recent products.

It is important not to use it to look for realism, but rather the color of an era.

The expression is excellent, velocity, aftertouch, etc. ..


I use it since yesterday so hot reaction!

Yes I have tried many other synthesizers, expanders, and other workstation that can compete.

What I like most is the dynamic and fullness of sound, what I like least is the lack of physical control for sound editing (I think dev me a template for lemur on ipad history can edit sounds live.)

The value for money for the opportunity is excellent, I would do this choice (that said, it is a targeted selection, not be used as a single expander, the risk of having a poor result!)