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Petit zicos 06/29/2014

Yamaha TG77 : Petit zicos's user review

«  Best FM 90's rack »

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nothing more to say that has not already been said

I specify in case: it's a rack! so no keyboard or knob or floppy or sequencer.

otherwise it is exactly the same as the SY77


never edited sounds except for edit effects here and there.
very clear manual and French.

which is very handy when you want to change its sounds (like the SY77), a shortcut is typing on the keyboard (so phone) No. 3 of the digits + "enter" and hop. Of course, you must be knowing by heart and then you have a little dry anti wisely stuck with a piece of "gaffer" in a corner of the keyboard and hop ...


TG 77 and SY full of breathtaking banks on the net.
thousands ..... could not even listen or test all the ones I found.

the problem is that when you load a new bank, you have 64 sounds that you test and often (at least to me it makes me) when I switch from one to the other, it inspires me a tune and then I spend an hour etc, etc, etc, in short I enjoy very much.


I've had more than 15 years, I keep it. for the moment the battery is still original and display lighting as well, change will come one day.

I leave this review to share my use only.

I use it to enrich the "big sound". "Travel" or other sheets are excellent .....!! As "brass 1980" or "Nasty saw" that are almost the same, but one octave lower and one with reverb. This is quite handy as needed. but these two ring, ring!!

I put the TG in duplicate or triplicate with a P60 and SY77. it makes me sound underworld. but take the time to find the right combinations and the right set of volumes and effects. But the result still holds the road very well after all this time ..... and today's new sounds!
this is a synth pulse strong. attention tell the mixer to balance, it will be a shock if this is a beginner.

The only fault I find it ..... (for a machine of this age), it is to cram the stage not too far from the keyboard for easy access. The best I found was in a "fly" rigid 4u standing with a block in the back to tilt slightly. it's obviously very unstable and should not play basketball next. but my feet left or right is best with my means "stand" and then also it is very easy to assemble and store.
when you start to have three or four gear for a keyboard it may not be as complicated as a battery, but it takes time because nobody makes me in my place.

in short, all the sounds of the 90s in box. just a little larger (see above).
which is nice, they are 8 independent outputs the first 8 midi channels of a multi. it allows to mix analog "apart".
the only limitation here is that if you make yourself a multi for each sound which consumes few resources, you will bring down the polyphony (including date of 1990). also be careful with its use. this is also why I wanted one when I noticed this problem with the SY77. even at that time I did not have the P60.

in short it is a machine that does not get old. course for now it sounds a bit light. but for sound imitation B3 is impeccable and the last born are not much better for the equivalent sound.