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djstef10 djstef10
Publié le 11/16/07 à 12:58
I chose the HDC-3000, because I do not suport more transport my PC (desktop I prcise) night after night (especially discomobile) and for me it DPAC CDs s.
In addition to this double platinum MP3, I buy a External hard drive for my gallery ACCS musical commencing with turntables and a USB keyboard to ease the search. And I "rakquot, all in a bag (containing my mixer, the HDC-3000 and my disc drive below) as has more connect to the amp by installing the equipment.


At the installation, I had no problem. You just religious RCA cable from each drive has a (line) of the mixing desk (like any drive) and connected by USB cable to the HDC 3000 disc drive (a breeze)
As against the manual that came with the apareil is not complete, it's a quick guide dmarage (for a complete manual requires the download on the site of cortex pro)
Deplus Cortex of the download manager is necessary: ​​to edit the TAG of all the MP3 (to facilitate research apareil), CRER the basis of given and edit the "waveform" (can also be doing with the HDC-3000 but a little slow for CRER)


The software in the HDC can be updated often, and I t impressed with what can be modified simply tlchargeable update on their site (quality of the scratch, button ever faster, change the display on the teeth ...)
From the two readers, one can have aces to the total connect peripherals (Disc drive, USB key ...). Loading songs is fast, simple to use as a normal drive without CD, the effects are nice (Filters, cho, flanger ,...) and the quality of the scratch is correct but it will never be like with a platinum vynil.


I bought a week ago, but I only used me for training. What I like most is its simplicity of its size and quality. Then the default for now I do not see.
And the report is corect qualitprix (especially since the HDC 3000 is a 1200 pass 800! In a month)
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