Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2
Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2

Final Scratch 2, Audio Interface for DJ from Stanton Magnetics.

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All user reviews for the Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 8 reviews57 %
 3 reviews21 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent

lyzergik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2






camo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2
FinalScratch 2 is the first software CONTRL by DJ turntable or CD, put
available to DJs by Stanton and Native Instruments in 2001.
APRS my choice is either fixed on this product, my DJ eanov confirm that the product is stable silent because of dentranement 8 hours a day in his school.

FS2 is the new FireWire ScratchAmp (sound card) with a 24-bit / 96 kHz and
additional inputs / outputs (Mic / Phono / Line and MIDI In / Out)

Recording in real time from dune to record your live mix directly on the hard disk. In the current version, Native implementations instrument did not choose the output format.
We are therefore forced to the. Wav which is a shame in some situation.
MP3 conversion soon be ncessaire (via itunes for example).

List provided lments

FireWire audio interface ScratchAmp
A power supply (not Necessary for Mac)
A cable FireWire 6-pin connectors
4 RCA audio cable (cinch)
3 LPs FS Standard 2
2 CD FS 2
You install a CD-ROM of TRAKTOR FS 2 (hybrid Mac / PC)
Operating instructions


PC or Mac
A mixer
A platinum minimum! Maximum 3.
Optional: microphone, MIDI keyboard, headphones


The installation ScratchAmp

Connect your turntable to the ScratchAmp.
Take home the ScratchAmp to your mixer.
Connections are supplmentaires ncessaires DSIR if you use your traditional plates Manir (CDA Vinyl or trad)! Or in case of failure of the computer. You will find a system that oprationnel and Bypass. In fact you can hook up 3 turntables on the ScratchAmp. In the connection in the recording mode allows connection to the Tape Rec or your table, or dune lajout troisime platinum. Choice.

The installation Traktor FS

The installation of Traktor FS is just for Mac, enter the serial number and go to register on the site compltement Native instrument to bring the Reported period a day.
Careers News Traktor FS is intuitive, users of Traktor find their dens.
For more courage, more simple this is not possible.
As we use a computer, it is important to the foundation for connatre Careers News FS2 (using the mouse, site registration and use of native instruments Traktor FS).
Mac users need to install nont not a driver.
The ScratchAmp is natively recognized by Mac and its a real treat.
Configuration require a G4 iBook, but I recommend a Powerbook G4.
It shall not be ncessaire The power supply connects to ScratchAmp, it will be self fed by pin Firewire cable.

PC users should install the ASIO driver and carefully follow the manual on this subject.
It will not connect the ScratchAmp, it will reboot at least twice to ensure that your hardware is recognized. Also it is possible that the User must use PC The power supply provided.
The calibration

Control Panel (setup) can be accessed by CTRL +2 rglages few.
It is important to sattarder on the calibration of your plates, which are CD or Vinyl.
The ScratchAmp must be prcis for scratch, which means quil is also sensitive, and that without a proper calibration, you will have visual clashes (the curve) and you will not be in phase with the d purpose of your sample.
I'm not talking about audible crackles, but the form could donde disparatre apparatre and your screen. What is Gnant because if this happens, your point daccroche the sample will also move! This is too much of a gain on the Deck A or B, or latency too low.

The calibration shall be put into specifying what type of media you use, (Vinyl or CD) and by fitting a curve of circles alintrieur REPRESENTATIVES your turntables.
This curve must be alintrieur the circle, and if possible infrieur well, with a margin of-6db.
You adjust the calibration playing a piece and adjusting the gain of the corresponding faade ScrachAmp. Rptez lopration for both decks.

Prvoir must be a margin for the mountains in power during scratch cest why the-6db are recommended but you will see a sharp curve lies in how your circle. In the Ralite Systm is so well done, the gain is adjusted for each song diffuse and not nest ncessaire DTRE derivatives gains of each piece. Owners of Vinyl will rumble rgler rsonance which is the diamond disk.

This calibration as done, every time you start Traktor FS, a micro analysis will be performed on each deck to boot. Compltement transparent to the User and does not Gnant dun beginners set. A note also that you can use with Traktor FS Platinum (Deck A) and use the Platinum Deck B with no branch. The option in this case steint timecode on Deck B. You start the piece by CTRL-ALT + I

You can also take your laptop on the train and play your songs to classify them.
A curve that allows specially in the infrieure software.
on the other hand you can not mix the Deck A to B.
Also you can use any other card that ScratchAmp, making the copy OR USE compltement to test the software useless.

A linverse, nimporte reconnatras how soft your ScratchAmp and you can map the User as its standard. For example Traktor 3 will be the ScratchAmp lese.
With iTunes, for example you can also use your ScratchAmp to spread by the HPs.


I'm running Mac Powerbook.
The software works correctly (see the rest of my opinion)


My opinion

JOperation this product since birth and I can not encountered any problem especially if the nest in lenregistrement the first day. This problem has t rsolu the update.
Javais despite my tailgating table, the problem of saturation (video standard).
A replay I Navais daigue not, and not just a medium stain infme ah.
The quality denregistrement ds the day of implementing the patch was a blessing.

Regarding the scratch.
JOperation of Denon DN-S3500 which jai Updated the software.
The plate both direct Entran, the work is quite surprising.
My sensation with or without FS is the same. So for me, FS does not slow my movement, or at least the perception that jai or not using FS is unchanged.

Calibration (jinsiste) trs is important not to be caused by the product.
Whereas it should not be quen rglant latency was 1.33 ms longer ractif your system. Wrong!
All dpend your computer is an important link in the chain computer music.
Add latency on a machine with low resources, will give him more time to calculate and Vitera of dcrocher. By adding too much latency you leffet reverse. It is best to experiment to find lquilibre, and when found it will be over! Because it is based on the rglage hardware of your machine. If you change the machine will be a remake. Also you must register a new instrument native to the site to communicate the new key ID that allows the soft reconnatre of your machine.
The key ID is a protection against piracy, cest infallible ... almost. But Necessary for the updates in all cases. THIS IS a code to your own hardware and machine code gnrer users who have it not work quavec.

I am a can of the fact that we Nayon no choice of format denregistrement.
The wav format is pure quality, however, it remains standard disk capacity.
All dpend a job to do, he often nest ncessaire not to take wav disk and it would desirable to choose a t cot the Record button, the format denregistrement.
Daprai native instrument, we can esprer a amlioration this in a future version of Traktor FS.

Whenever possible, use an external FireWire drive for two reasons.

1) These discs rotate faster in gnral (7500 against 4500 TRMS on some phones), and if you have a problem of slowdown in lenregistrement (visible to the curve hopping), this is largely due of ACCS disk. If you are not currently denregistrer nt and you see the problem when it comes to processor speed and / or from a lack of RAM.
2) The place you will always have more room to an external drive as internal and It is not recommended to drive the direct to disk Local Accommodations LOS.

I move that this machine has to be healthy! Dantivirus free, firewall and other odd jobs in the background that slow FS2 same sil nest not resource intensive, as not to deprive len.

OF USE Simple, accessible alutilisateur lambda, confirm or amateur DJ.
Couraging the documentation is carefully and in a perfect franais. A big hat on this one!
The software can be resource-intensive machine provided Lont not abused in some rglages preferences. All this is clearly indicated in the manual.
I havent known version which seemed to have caused a lot of people.
on the other hand I can say that this version reflte a comptence indniable in the field.

Good Scratch!
Dj vince [91]01/10/2006

Dj vince [91]'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2
- The mp3 LIVE on vinyl! No need to carry 10000kg flycase of filled vinyl ...
- Electro Mix
- Notebook / 2.4G / 512DDR / GForce4-64MB / 40GB HDD
- Turntable RP6000 RELOOP Mk6s + Mixer BEHRINGER DJX700.


- So for me the autorun of the CD did not work. Otherwise installation without prob. Tracktor for Final scratch but the autorun did not start S't he had not offered to install the drivers for the audio interface, I look for 1 / 2 hours in pk it Tracktor would not recognize the interface ... And I finally found the need to browse the CD to find in the depths of a file the driver installation of the interface.
- Everything is configured automatically (default) No Prob.
- Manuel clear enough.


- Notebook / 2.4G / 512DDR / GForce4-64MB / 40GB HDD
- Yes it works very very well!
- Software very stable.
- Everything is stable, no bugs no crash!


- For 15 days and NON-STOP!
EDIT: 10/01/2006: Still no problem! PERFECT!
- Plus: Audio interface nikel, Software Nikel / least: Program in English.
- Not other models of this type.
- I say we pay for: software and professional audio interface, AC has nothing to do with the other Systmes Virt ... as well as other DJ that I would mention it.
- Yes I do it again the same choice. It's too stunning! It dismantles all! This is the stuff of pro, nothing to say.

xavindy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stanton Magnetics Final Scratch 2
Stanton was the novelty of it seemed to fix bugs in 1.5, and the reading of new formats is INTERESTED.
I have a P4 3Ghz 1024MB RAM 500GB
I have 2 Numark TTX religious case is in the bag!


Installation is no problem if you follow the instructions, there is no Uninstallation untimely and no problems on XP pro

Incompatibility any meeting and Annual Statement franais me is clear.
simple configuration as long as you use tracktor before!


P4 3Ghz Ram 1024 Sound Card Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Pro, ASUS P4P800
The software runs impeccable, no latency issues
gnrales performances are at IDAL

but there is a large less: the crash of the software! the slightest change, such as long as you change a path from a vinyl encodes a normal vinyl must restart the pc, and I have much stress at times I did not qd r response to a coded vinyl and I had to reboot two times to return to normal
but you have me to stay Cohr put labels on the cables (y 'has a package!) and properly configure the software at home, test it a couple of hours non-stop to be sure of the result in club

the note itself is on a bug-free operation and rglages optimiss


I last fortnight
the effect is stunning even qd! is extra

That said the price is stunning given the fact that the ratio Q / P is not top top especially vis vis the bugs appeared (I hope rgler has once and for all)

I remake that choice if I remove the bugs if I opt for a system equivalent bcp cheaper!!