Denon DJ DN-HD2500
Denon DJ DN-HD2500

DN-HD2500, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Denon DJ.

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MGR/MajorTom 06/17/2009

Denon DJ DN-HD2500 : MGR/MajorTom's user review

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The DN-HD2500 is a Hard Disc media player/ controller for DJs who want to bring as little equipment as possible to provide a killer show.

I have played guitar and bass for a while but have gotten into DJing recently. This unit has served me well.

I bought this unit from Guitar Center. I think I paid around $650 for it.

Massive storage space, easy to navigate, light weight and great effects.

The platters could be a little bigger, but they work fine.

Very high quality and durable metal construction.

Denon DN-HD2500 Hard Disc Media Player/ Controller

The Denon DN-HD2500 is a very portable MP3 drive/ controller for DJs with tons of functionality. There is an optional CD drive you can use to dock with the DN-HD2500 to play CDs (both audio and data) from your collection. This all-in-one controller is easy to navigate: the two CD/ MP3 spinners allow me to find songs quickly, whether it is on the internal 40GB hard drive, on a USB drive I have connected, or on a CD. The DN-HD2500 supports up to 4 connected USB devices. You can search by BPM, playlist, title, album, artist, genre, and year. The standard Denon effects are here, too, like seamless looping (I found that very easy to initiate, where I wanted it), scratching, brake, reverse, echo, flanger and filter.

Because the unit is not that deep it fits in a small travel case with my power amp for easy transport. In short, I can show up to a gig with just this lightweight Denon unit, my power amp and a couple of speakers and have enough tunes loaded on the internal drive to call up just about any request and deliver a great show.

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