Hercules DJ Control MP3
Hercules DJ Control MP3

DJ Control MP3, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from Hercules.

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Antho Tiesto 06/03/2006

Hercules DJ Control MP3 : Antho Tiesto's user review


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I used this version of the DJ console for 3 months. It has nothing to envy of her older sister. It is exactly the same except it has no sound card Intgr. You will have to bring you a 2 sound card on your PC to enjoy it as the true dj console.
Buttons and their dispostion is exactly like the DJ console.
No problem of compatibility between the PC and MP3 control.

If you hsitez between the two, I recommend the MP3 control. Indeed, for 80 euros less you have the same product (a 2 map the low end is not what costs the most;) ).

If I buy this again, I do it again no problem.